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Members of the public are being asked to be alert and vigilant to online scams as there is a real threat of someone accessing your personal information and you could lose thousands of your hard-earned money.

The Fiji Police Cybercrime Unit is advising members of the public not to click any links with a message that they had won something that may appear on either social media sites or through electronic mail.

The Unit says these links, when opened, will allow hackers to gain all personal information and will either be from a financial institution or a message stating you have won something.

“We urge members of the public to be cautious, and if you know that you have not engaged in any dealings with any financial institution, organisation or entered a competition, do not click on the links that may be sent to you,” the Unit said.

“Another scam that is being reported involves the sending of money to persons living overseas who say they will send items such as electronic gadgets and designer clothes.

“The scammers will try and strike up a conversation and will make up a story of how they are willing to assist you by sending goods by courier.

“A follow-up message will be sent with information stating the location of the package, and that a large amount of money is needed for its release.

“A few reports received involved Fijians sending more than $2,000 to release the packages which the scammers say also contain thousands of Euros.”

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