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Since 1971, with the establishment of the Hazardous Devices School (HDS) and followed by the development of the Terrorist Devices Analytic Center (TEDAC), FBI Redstone has grown from its original role as the FBI Explosives Center of Excellence. With rapidly changing 21st century threats, FBI Redstone has become a focused growth area for training, data analytics, and cyber intelligence.  

In 2016, the FBI committed to strategically realigning personnel outside the National Capital Region as part of a new 21st Century Workforce Strategy. This realignment enhances mission resiliency and continuity of operations. It also creates a stronger posture and flexibility to support an evolving FBI mission. 

Redstone Arsenal has provided the FBI with almost 1,600 acres of secure land near other government agencies, including the ATF, NASA, Army Materiel Command, Missile Defense Agency, Redstone Test Center, and Defense Acquisition University, among others.   

The FBI is building two campuses that will bring various FBI assets together in one location and will address tactical and specialized training requirements. Every day, FBI personnel at Redstone conduct forensic analysis in a lab environment, sort through data for critical investigations, or monitor networks for cyber attacks. FBI personnel at Redstone are at the center of the agency’s technology, data analytics, and cyber missions.   

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