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Did you see? Our comprehensive checklist for Windows 11 update And No. Right there? It turns out that there is a file Notable The easiest way to install Windows 11 on PCs with older CPUs – without having to remodel the drive, delete your files, or burn the ISO file to an external USB drive.

If you currently see “This PC does not currently meet Windows 11 system requirements” or “Windows 11 does not currently support processor support”, there is a Microsoft Certified Record Hack that can be fixed immediately.

You can switch from “not meeting requirements” to “ready to install” in minutes.

(We tested this method on the Dell XPS15 with the Core i7-7700HQ and the Microsoft Surface Go with the Pentium Gold 4415Y, both of which are compatible with Microsoft.)

Here is the whole process from start to finish in three simple steps.

1) Download Windows 11 ISO

You need to download the ISO file. In our tests, this trick did not work with the Windows 11 installation wizard, did not start the Windows update and did not cheat Microsoft Health Check.

On this Microsoft site, Scroll down Download Windows 11 Disk Image (ISO). Open it Select Download In the drop-down menu, select Windows 11, He scored Download Tamil , Select the product language from the file Select one From the drop-down menu at the bottom, tap Safe, Then press 64 bit download.

Once you have downloaded this 5.1GB image, you can proceed to the second step.

2) Edit the Windows registry to avoid the CPU check

In Windows, press To start And enter regeditPress Enter to start the file Record author. Go System HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMSetupMoSetup, By pasting this full address Field under “File, Edit, View, Favorites, Help” Or by punching HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE And Organization And Accommodation And MoSetup One folder after another.

Enter a new DWORD first, then the value 1.

In the right pane, right-click and select New Value> DWORD (32-bit). Value name ““Allow updates with unsupported TPM or CPU” Minus quotes. Double-click the new value you just created 1 Within that Measured value Partial success Yes sir And close the record editor.

3) Open the ISO file in Windows Explorer and start the system

Is the ISO download complete? Right-click on it and select Open it with Windows Explorer Double-click the file to load the virtual hard disk Accommodation File to start the installation.

That’s it! If the registration hack is successful, you will soon see a warning message instead of a rejection message, and you will be given the option to install Windows 11 without losing your data. I know it If you follow this path, Microsoft reserves the right to prevent security updates.

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