The cost of getting an ADHD diagnosis – Hack | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

Everything feels super expensive at the moment, but what if you had to spend hundreds, even thousands, of dollars on a medical diagnosis?

That’s the reality for heaps of young Australians trying to get an ADHD diagnosis at the moment – and usually after months on a waitlist.

So why is it so hard?

Plus, Labor has unveiled its plans to tackle housing affordability if they win the election, including a scheme where the government would basically own a house with you. We’re looking at how it’d work, and how it compares to other parties’ ideas to deal with the crisis.

And Qantas has announced they’ll start running the world’s longest passenger flights from 2025: non-stop routes almost 20 hours long.

Experts reckon that’s the future of travel, but could you last that long on a plane?


  • Brendan Coates, Grattan Institute
  • Professor James Scott, QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute
  • Ben Groundwater, travel writer

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