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Temperatures have plummeted across the country during the early days of 2022 – with Scots dealing with snow and ice on their travels on some days.

Due to the turn in the conditions, Scots are looking for new ways to defrost their cars quicker before setting off on the morning commute.

Failing to clear your car of snow and ice could leave you in bother with the police and a potential fine.

The internet is awash with hacks which make the job seem less like a chore. But like most things online, you have to take some information with a pinch of salt.

One hack which falls under this bracket is using boiling hot water to get rid of the sheet of ice on your windows.

But this could leave Scots with a hefty repair bill – which is hardly an ideal start to the morning.

If the temperature of the car is cold enough to freeze the windows, then pouring water on that will cause a dramatic change in a short space of time.

On the face of it this sounds ideal, but it could potentially cause the glass to crack.

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Remove snow from your windscreen and roof in seconds with the blanket trick

The blanket trick is a popular one on TikTok

One Tik Tok user has shared a simple way to keep your windscreen snow and ice free – and you just need a blanket or big towel.

The viral clip shows how you can use a blanket or towel to cover the windshield and roof of your car, prior to a potential snowfall. Then, the towel or blanket absorbs water and freezes – rather than the windscreen.

This viral TikTok has amassed 4.8K shares and over 250K likes, and can be used on the windscreen and roof. Some commenters even offered extra suggestions such as, “use your doors to keep it in place or it could blow away”.

Put socks on the wipers to avoid freezing

If you park your car outside when there’s snow forecast, you may end up with your windscreen wipers sticking to the window. A simple pair of socks can help to protect your car’s windshield wipers from this!

All you need to do is place a long pair of socks onto the end of the windscreen wipers, the night before cold weather is forecast. You can remove them in the morning when you’re ready to set off, and they should have stopped snow and ice collecting there.

Place plastic bags over your wing mirrors to stop them icing over

Your mirrors also need to be completely clear before setting off. So, all you need to do is put plastic bags over your wing mirrors the night before, and simply secure them with elastic bands. When you’re ready to go in the morning, just remove them and they should be completely ice and snow free.

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