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Macmillan says it is working with specialists to investigate a security incident which has led to its staff, including UK employees at Pan Macmillan and its distribution teams, being left without email and access to other online systems.

The security incident, which took place on 26th June, involved “the encryption of certain files” on Macmillan’s network. The company took its systems offline as a security measure and, although some have since been restored, the publisher said it was still working on parts of the network.

It said in an update on 1st July: “We are working diligently with specialists to investigate the source of this issue, understand its impact on our systems, and to restore full functionality to our networks as soon as possible.

“Customers and other third-party partners may notice that certain systems are unavailable while these efforts are underway. Please know that the Macmillan team is working around the clock on this restoration and installation of additional network safeguards.”

Macmillan said it was in the process of bringing certain systems back online, including those taken offline as a security measure. 

It said: “We have made good progress getting our teams access to key systems. Our UK warehouse resumed operations on 28th June. For the US, we are accepting orders electronically. We will continue to communicate updates as they come.”

Some Pan Mac staff reported this week that they had regained access to email. The company had set up two Gmail accounts for contacting its editorial teams while the system was down.

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