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When you send your children to school, it can be difficult not to worry about them. Someone may stop them while taking a walk, or the bike may be stolen while in class. Arming them with the right tools to protect themselves and their property can reassure you. We have collected the best security accessories for all students, regardless of junior high school, high school, or university. Check what your students can use.

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1. XDesign anti-theft backpack

Keep small thieves away while you’re on the go

Staff Selection All students need a backpack. It provides a simple and affordable way to keep your valuables safe. Designed to be difficult to open, potential thieves cannot easily steal. There is a designated laptop pouch, the material is waterproof, and there is also an anti-theft pocket to hide your wallet and other valuables.

Saber-red pepper spray

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2. Saber-red pepper spray

Give yourself a chance to escape

Having a small can of pepper spray can give your students an edge against any attacker. It features a keychain with a quick release so students can quickly access it in an emergency. If a student has to take a long walk to go to school, it will help give you some relief. There are four color options to choose from.

Warning and crime prevention buzzer

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3. Warning and security buzzer

Get help

This little siren can be easily clipped to your bag or backpack. When enabled, a loud alarm of 130 dB will be issued. This alarm can only be turned off by pressing the hidden off button. That way, the attacker doesn’t know how to negate the high-pitched sound. If the battery somehow runs out of juice, it also acts as a whistle, so students can still ask for help.

Via Velo U bike lock

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4. Via Velo U bike lock

Keep your bike or scooter safe

We don’t know how many bikes have been stolen from the school bike rack over the years. But I’m always grateful for the reliable locks that protect the ride quality. It comes with both a U-lock and a cable to help protect your student’s bike more safely. You can unlock it using one of the two included keys. It also comes with a mount so you can easily attach the lock to your bike when you’re not using it.

Le Cree LED flashlight

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5. Le Cree LED flashlight

Students often take long walks early in the morning when they go to school or late at night when they return home from extracurricular activities. During these dark hours of the day, it may be convenient to carry a small flashlight that does not take up much space in your backpack. It is water resistant and allows you to zoom in and out on the light depending on what the student needs to focus on.

ECR4Kids Underbed Personal Safe

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6. ECR4Kids Underbed Personal Safe

When you’re away from college and sharing a room with strangers, it’s helpful to have a place where you can lock in your most valuable belongings. Of course, student dormitories and dormitories do not have much space. That’s where this clever safe comes in. It is designed to be stored under your bed and comes with a set of keys so you can keep your personal belongings out.

Padlock of necessary tools

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Whether your students need a lock for the main locker or a lock to protect things while in the gym, padlocks are useful. I love these rocks. It’s easier to use than a lock that rotates back and forth, but it offers the same level of security. This particular lock is available in 5 different colors so you can choose the look you like best.

Tile sports

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8. Tile sports

Track all valuables

This handy tracker can be clipped to a variety of items such as backpacks, bicycles, instrument cases, wallets and more. It is small and does not occupy a lot of space. If a student’s belongings are stolen or misplaced, they can be easily found using the tile app on their smartphone.


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No one wants to think about these things, but if your student’s school is blocked, this portable door lock can help. Easy to install, students can lock the room more safely. Simply hold the metal in place, close the door and slide the latch bolt into the hole in the adalock. It’s also a great item for college students who feel uneasy in their dormitories or apartments.

1Password subscription

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10.1Password subscription

With a 1Password subscription, students only have to remember one password instead of the many different passwords that schools require. You can pay $ 3 per month for individual subscriptions and $ 5 per month for family subscriptions. This software supports apps for Android, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, Mac, and iOS.

Kensington lock for laptop

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11. Kensington Lock for Laptop

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