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The Samsung Galaxy A53 may not be as revolutionary an upgrade as the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but its consistent performance, design, and durability make it one of the best budget Android phones on the market today. With five years of security updates ahead of it, your Galaxy A53 can last you quite a long time, but only if you keep it safe and intact. We’ve rounded up the very best Galaxy A53 cases to ensure your phone is safe, secure, and stylish.

Supcase’s UB Pro and UB Style are known far and wide, but it’s very rare for us to see the actual Supcase Unicorn Beetle on a new phone. Supcase busted it out for the Galaxy A53. Deeper bezels around the camera and the screen give more room between your glass and the dirty tabletop you just set your phone on. The kickstand is stout, sturdy, and doubles as a phone grip while you’re out and about. The angled detailing across the back aids grip, especially while on a call, and it adds a unique style that’s distinctly different from the UB Pro. It’d be perfect except for one tiny detail: it only comes in black.

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Supcase Unicorn Beetle Series for Galaxy A53

Caseology’s newest series, the Athlex is a heavy-duty case without the heavy-duty bulk. Tested to withstand dozens of 4-foot drops — pocket or chest-height falls — this case combines air cushioning and a grippy exterior into a Galaxy A53 case perfect for joggers, runners, and app addicts who never put their phones down. While it’s aimed at the athleisure crowd, the Athlex’s design makes it ideal for any user.

It’s sturdy, secure, and grippy without being a grime magnet. However, the only model available right now is Active Black with gray accents. If you’re looking for something a bit more flashy, an Active Green with almost neon highlights is on the way. This new option will undoubtedly be much more eye-catching, especially for us Americans who can only buy the Amazing Black A53.

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Caseology Athlex for Galaxy A53

This is both the most interesting of Samsung’s first-party Galaxy A53 cases and one of the most fun accessories to come out of Samsung in a few years. With swappable straps and unique designs, the Samsung Silicone Cover with Strap might be the best way to spice up your A53 while staying distinctly Samsung, thanks to the precise camera cutouts.

While spare straps were few and far between last summer, we’re now up to 16 strap styles — and more are on the way. From red-white-and-blue patriotic styles to spotlight artist straps to cutesy animal designs, there’s a little bit of everything and some simple solids if you’re allergic to fun. Truth be told, though, the stylized A strap the case comes with is quite striking all on its own.

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Samsung Silicone Cover with Strap for Galaxy A53 

Clear cases will matter more to international A53 owners who can actually enjoy the Awesome Blue, Awesome Peach, or Awesome Black, but even with Awesome Black, the Spigen Liquid Crystal wins for value and its minimalist style. Despite the smooth look, the Liquid Crystal’s grip is quite excellent, and because it’s crystal clear, it’s easy to see any blemishes and wipe them down.

Clear cases can still offer customization even when paired with a black phone as long as you’re willing to get creative. You could slip in a photo or sticker — or some emergency cash under a photo — or you can slip in/attach a magnetic plate for a car mount so that it doesn’t have to attach directly to your phone.

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Spigen Liquid Crystal for Galaxy A53

This case proves you really can have it all: heavy-duty durability and fabulous looks. The i-Blason Cosmo series is as fun as its namesake but offers serious drop protection just like i-Blason and Supcase’s more macho models by using the same two-piece design. Your A53 sits safe and snug inside a plastic frame surrounded by the more flexible bumper of the case’s outer shell, and that inner frame also sports a built-in screen protector for 360-degree protection.

That outer shell is smooth, but quite grippy, much like the Spigen Liquid Crystal. While last year’s Galaxy A52 got both Marble Pink and Ocean Blue, i-Blason has simplified and limited the A53’s Cosmo Series to the vastly more popular Marble Pink. I can’t deny the logic of the decision, especially since the Marble Pink goes wonderfully with both the Awesome Peach and Awesome White colorways.

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i-Blason Cosmo Series for Galaxy A53

This slim case sheds the usual bumps and ridges Speck is known for to produce a zero-bulk Galaxy A53 case instead. Using inner air bubble design to add impact resistance and a soft, non-slip texture, the Impacthero gives the A53 two things it desperately needs: grip and color. There are four two-tone colorways for this case, including a quite darling Rosy Pink that will appeal to bright and bubbly A53 owners and Speck’s classic Prussian Blue for a neutral but colorful look.

The impact resistance here is “only” eight feet, but Speck’s detailing for the buttons and corners more than makes up for it by giving us a case that won’t slip out of your hands or slide off that glass-topped patio table.

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Speck Impacthero for Galaxy A53

In the age where you can pay for everything with your phone, wallet cases can seem a bit redundant, but there’s still one card the vast majority of us can’t digitize quite yet: our driver’s license/ID card. Ringke’s Fusion Card is only designed to hold one card, but with Samsung Pay and Google Pay, that should be all you need. While card slot cases are vast, most of them are ridiculously thick, too hard to get cards out of or into, or the cards aren’t held securely and fall out at the worst times. Ringke’s one-card design grips your card well, but the push cutout ensures that it’s never more than a swipe away when you need it.

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Ringke Fusion Card for Galaxy A53

Spigen makes five single-layer TPU cases for the Galaxy A53. While they’re all fine cases, the only case as consistently awesome as the Liquid Crystal is my favorite Spigen case, the Liquid Air. This case employs two different textures: one shallow triangular pattern across the back and diagonal grooves around the bumper for extra stability as you hold it one or two-handed.

I appreciate Spigen matching the gradual curves of the A53’s camera module rather than having some huge ridge surrounding the camera and sticking out like a sore thumb every time you pull the phone out of your pocket. The Liquid Air exudes understated excellence that makes it subtle and sophisticated, fitting into any lifestyle with practiced ease.

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Spigen Liquid Air for Galaxy A53

Urban Armor Gear may be best known for ultra-heavy-duty cases like the Monarch and the Pathfinder, but the Scout perfectly suits the Galaxy A53: minimal detailing but still distinct and protective. This case uses the same honeycombed pattern inside as those beefier models for more effective air cushioning, but on the outside, we have subtle sculpting for more tactile side bumpers. The back is slightly convex for a more comfortable feel while using your phone for hours on end.

We may only have two colors for the UAG Scout — Mallard Blue and Black — but that’s still more than Spigen and Supcase have given us. UAG’s case also has unique durability testing. It’s tested to withstand the harsher chemicals and cleaners in medical environments like hospitals and labs, meaning if you tend to take Clorox wipes to your case regularly, the UAG Scout should be perfect.

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Ghostek’s clear case makes sense whether you’ve got a black or colored Galaxy A53, as the Limited Editions offer unique combinations between the A53’s “Awesome” colors. For instance, the Awesome Blue could look quite interesting with the Teal, Blue, or Purple while the Awesome Peach can take on two very different looks with either Pink or Red. Or the Awesome Black looks great with every version because the bumper’s color pops against it.

On top of the looks, the Ghostek sports extra drop protection with both air cushioning and R2x gel inserts in each of the four corners. Textured side bumpers add grip without drawing attention, and the result is a clearly rugged case without an overinflated price.

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Ghostek Covert (6th Gen) for Galaxy A53

Thanks to the popularity of the Galaxy A52 last year, case makers were quick to bring out high-quality options for the Samsung Galaxy A53. So, we won’t have to wait weeks or months to see the best options arrive. The Supcase Unicorn Beetle brings protection and practicality in an affordable package, as does the new Caseology Athlex. Meanwhile, Spigen, i-Blason, and Ghostek stick to their tried and true classics. The Athlex, in particular, looks particularly promising, especially once we get some actual accent colors in.

If you’re looking for slim but protective, the Spigen Liquid Crystal, Liquid Air, UAG Scout, and the Speck Impacthero offer it up in spades. The Speck and UAG focus on color and style, while Spigen doesn’t mess with its winning formulas. i-Blason gets a bit more of an edge as a heavy-duty option with that built-in screen protector, but not all of you are brave enough to rock this awesome mix of pink, white, and Rose Gold.

All of these cases are still wireless charging compatible — without a card in the Ringke Fusion Card, of course — and all cases should play nice with a good screen protector (except the i-Blason’s built-in). I highly suggest grabbing a tempered glass screen protector ASAP. After all, cases may offer a lip around the screen, but if it falls on an uneven surface, you’re still looking at a multi-hundred-dollar repair.

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