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The arrival of a new iPhone, something that some lucky people will celebrate this Christmas thanks to Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men, is a good time to install certain apps that allow us to incorporate new organizational habits into daily life.

Managers of mail, lists, housework and sports activities … there is an app for almost everything

Through the following applications (some of them also available in Android version), users who release an iPhone (and those who already have it) will be able to improve their usual activities, both professional and productivity as well as leisure, housework and free time . We have already seen the best apps for your Android mobile, and now we do the same for those of iOS:

-1Password: It is one of the most popular password managers. Compatible with multiple devices and platforms, it allows the different passwords of different services to be stored, adding them when accessing them by simply identifying the user through biometric sensors, in the case of Apple smartphone users using TouchID or FaceID depending on their model iPhone.

It also includes the possibility of storing documents such as ID, passport or driver’s license, credit cards or annotations and documents that you want to protect with maximum security. If 1Password detects that a password is not strong enough, it warns of this circumstance and allows more secure keys to be generated. It is paid by monthly subscription.


Calm: Thanks to the stories, music or effects, selectable according to different environments, the users of this application will be able to relax, meditate or disconnect from the daily hustle and bustle.

Calm app

-Plant: For those who like to have plants at home, this app allows you to maintain a perfect organization in terms of the care required. With a complete catalog of all the pots, hedges, trees … identifiable with their own photography, the room (or terrace or garden area or plot) where each one is located is spatially located, being able to specify both your irrigation needs and when it should be done, all with its appropriate alarms.

Plant app

-Spark: This email manager has made its way among other more common ones (Outlook, Gmail or the manager integrated into iOS) due to its simplicity, robustness and customization capacity.

Its interface is clear and easy to use. It incorporates functions such as smart notifications, capable of eliminating those that through machine learning (and with occasional user prompts) are not relevant. A great advantage is its complete integration with the Cloud services of Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Omnifocus, OneDrive, OneNote, Trello or Zoom, among others.

Spark app

-Strava: It is one of the reference apps for monitoring physical and sports activities. It is also one of the most complete as it offers its own GPS navigator and can be connected to a wide variety of activity watches and smart bracelets, as well as being effectively connected to other apps for health and activity tracking. But many are part of its particular group of users capable of setting challenges and sharing results as a means of motivation for progress, carefully measured in the application.

Strava app

-Todoist: Although iOS has its own reminders and pending tasks app, Todoist allows more demanding users a more complete and organized management, also being able to assign tasks to other people and filter them, something especially useful since it is synchronized with apps such as Calendar, Slack or Spark. In this way, the organization of projects and tasks in groups can be subjected to a more efficient control without abandoning the platforms that are used in different organizations.

Todoist app

-Tody: This manager specialized in housework plays in his name with an untranslatable play on words between the English term tidy (neat) and the most familiar everything (to do or, in this case, pending to do). And it is precisely about keeping an organization of the tasks of domestic order pending to be carried out.

For this, and with a simple and clear indication of the different rooms of the home, it allows assigning the different cleaning and order tasks that must be completed in each one, indicating how often it must be repeated and warning if it is not done in due time. . It is paid, but you only have to pay when you install it (€ 6.99) and there are no subsequent purchases in the app.

Tody app

-YNAB: With the acronym of You Need A Budget (you need a budget) the proposal of this application (paid, with annual or monthly subscription) involves concentrating the accounting of income and expenses but, in addition and as part of the philosophy of the platform, it allows allocate resources to expense forecasts, so its methodology, if correctly applied, allows to promote savings and anticipation of investments, income, expenses, purchases … All with allocation through simple customizable categories.

YNAB app


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