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Although you likely have your own favorite antivirus solution, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on what products are considered best by AV-Test, a well-respected independent IT-security institute.

AV-Test ran tests on Windows PCs and Androids in 2015 and yesterday announced the award winners for both home users and corporate users. The results were broken down into categories covering protection, performance, usability, repair and even best Android security.

Best protection awards

Symantec walked away with the coveted “best protection” award for both home and corporate Windows users. Symantec Norton Security won “best protection” for consumers, while Symantec Endpoint Protection won for the corporate solution. A happy Symantec explained, “Security solutions are subjected to over 1,000 live zero-day attacks delivered via infected websites and e-mail to measure a product’s complete protection ability. In addition, AV-Test measures the security solution’s detection of more than 150,000 current and widespread threats.”

One category under “protection” deals with how well a product protects users from zero-day attacks. The industry average, according to AV-Test, is 97.9%. Symantec offered 98.3% protection against zero-day attacks for its consumer product and 100% against zero-days for its corporate product.

Best performance awards

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