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Arch Linux’s flexibility and customization options make it a primary choice of an operating system for Linux users. The performance-boosting features of Arch make it an absolute delight for the end-users.

If you are battling with Arch’s complex installation procedure, you can always delve deeper into how Arch-based distros work and then take it on from there.

Here are a few top choices of Linux distros for Arch lovers who want to make the most out of this flexible operating system.

Arch-Based Linux Distros You Should Know About

Arch Linux is a well-known operating system, used mostly by advanced Linux users, but it comes with its drawbacks. Take the complicated installation procedure, for example. On the contrary, the absolute minimalism of Arch-based distros is what fascinates users. From customization to installing applications of your choice, there is a lot to explore on this wondrous, open-source distro.

Let’s talk about some popular Arch-based distros that will change your Linux experience for life.

1. Manjaro Linux

If installing Arch Linux seems like an unfathomable task, then you might want to reconsider your decision concerning Manjaro. As Manjaro uses Calamares in a customized format, users find the operating system simple to set up.

The OS is available in three versions, each with a different desktop environment: KDE Plasma, GNOME, and XFCE. However, the list of editions doesn’t end here. The community has also released other versions ranging from the i3 window manager and bspwn to Budgie, awesome, and many others.

Download: Manjaro Linux

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2. EndeavourOS

On DistroWatch, EndeavourOS ranks number five, given its popularity among Arch enthusiasts. The system is famous for its fast and stable configuration, as it offers minimalism and customizability on a platter. Users love this platform simply because of its vast array of desktop environments, ISO images, and window managers.

The functionalities of this platform are very close to the original Arch Linux, wherein users can choose from eight different desktop environments with the least amount of bloatware.

As a user, you should choose this platform for its simple design, playful icons, and cheerful elements. The customer service team and developers of the OS are always available in case of any query.

Download: EndeavourOS

3. ArcoLinux

ArcoLinux is much more than just any other run-off-the-mill Arch-based distro.

Users adore the minimalistic system design, as it does not include any WMs or DEs. This distro comes in three different flavors:

  • ArcoLinux
  • ArcoLinuxB
  • ArcoLinuxD

The operating system provides various tutorials that will help you gain more knowledge and educate yourself about Linux and its underlying elements. ArcoLinux supports almost every desktop environment, which attracts the majority of users.

Download: ArcoLinux

4. Parabola GNU/Linux-Libre

Parabola GNU/Linux-libre is quite user-friendly, making it suitable for everyday use; it is accompanied by the power-user charm of Arch and everything else you would want it to have.

Parabola packages are preferred by users, especially if you are looking to replace any software in the Arch system. The OS is built from the source and comes with the networking features disabled (by default).

The Parabola community is always available to support you so that you can use the system with confidence and ease.

Download: Parabola GNU/Linux-libre

5. BlackArch

Let’s say, BlackArch is the Arch equivalent of the Debian-based Kali Linux. This system is widely used by people who intend to use their machines for security researches and hacks. This Linux distro offers more than 200 security and pen-testing tools, which are a must-have for every hacker’s toolkit.

In BlackArch, you receive support from the AUR package repository, while the features of pacman, the default package manager on Arch-based distros, attract users to this system.

Users can install various tools in groups, which helps save a lot of time. You, as a user, can choose between installing BlackArch using the complete ISO or netinstall ISO, each of which is available in small-size images.

Download: BlackArch

6. RebornOS

RebornOS gained popularity because of its series of 13 desktops and 30 optional features. Users can rollback packages on this system with Reborn updates, maintenance tools, and repositories. If you like creative graphics on the system, then this distro is an ideal choice for you.

You, of course, do not need a command line to access the system, as you get reliable and stable graphical support. Without a doubt, RebornOS makes it comfortable for new Linux users to use an Arch-based system without too many complications. It is, in fact, one of the most popular operating systems among Linux users.

Download: RebornOS

7. Chakra Linux

Chakra is another user-friendly distribution, based on Arch Linux. It relies heavily on KDE and Qt software, with an intent to encourage users to adopt KDE/Qt for some of the other widget toolkits.

Chakra is a community-developed OS that follows a half-rolling release model. The purpose of this half-rolling model is to let users enjoy different versions of the KDE Plasma desktop, along with other applications.

Download: Chakra

8. Anarchy Linux

Like some of the other distros on the list, Anarchy Linux is also an open-source distro, which draws its inspirations from Arch Linux. Anarchy Linux intends to pave the way for desktop computing and further provide you a platform to install a customized Arch-based OS. You have an option to either write the distro’s ISO image to a USB/CD or install it directly on a virtual machine.

With Anarchy Linux, you get access to a full live system, which allows you to try the distro before installing it on your system directly. The live system comes equipped with an XFCE desktop interface and a fully established software suite.

Enjoy the comfort of accessing an Arch-based Linux distro in a series of languages, so that there is a little bit of something in every bit you install on your system.

Download: Anarchy Linux

Choosing the Right Arch-Based Linux Distro for Yourself

All the operating systems included in the list account for some of the top Arch-based Linux distros for a reason. The professional support available for Linux users enables smooth performance and a blissful experience.

Whether you are a casual beginner or an experienced Linux user, these distros have something to offer to everyone. You can enjoy reviewing each distro and choose the one which tickles your fancy or you can stick to Arch Linux and learn more about it.

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