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You can use Firefox to download without problem, sure, but if you really want to get the most out of your browsing, then what Firefox lets you accomplish by default simply isn’t good enough.

If you’re looking to accomplish more with your downloads, or want better control of how and when you download, then the best place to go is to Firefox add-ons.

These add-ons completely revamp your Firefox browsing and downloading experiences, and all are super easy to install.

A Screenshot of Download Manager (S3) in Use

First on this list comes Download Manager (S3). Download Manager (S3) is a compact download manager that is full of useful features despite remaining as lightweight as it is.

At its core, Download Manager (S3) completely changes the way that you visualize your downloads. No longer will you have to wonder how to locate and manage your downloads. Now, you can access the actual download manager through the add-on button in your Firefox browser, and from there you’ll be able to see your downloads like never before.

Information such as download progress, download speed, time remaining, file location, and more are all displayed for you in neat columns. This way, no matter what you need to know, it’s always available to you.

What’s interesting here is that you can actually adjust these columns yourself. If there are any that you desperately want or don’t, then you’ll be able to manually turn them on and off. You can even adjust in what order they appear as well.


If you download numerous image files, then Download Manager (S3) has the ability to preview those image files as well as a ton of other information and tools such as opening the file, its location, and more.

What’s great is that Download Manager (S3) is entirely lightweight and hidden when not in use. If you don’t need any help with your downloads or aren’t downloading anything at the moment, then you’d never even know it was there.

Next up on this list comes Turbo Download Manager. If you’re looking for a download manager that might even help you to download things faster than would otherwise be possible, then Turbo Download Manager is a great option to do just that.

Turbo Download Manager is a multi-threading download manager, which is just a fancy way of saying that it takes multiple sections of the file you’re trying to download and downloads them simultaneously. The goal here is to download the file more quickly than if you were to download the file linearly.

On top of this, Turbo Download Manager still functions as a download manager. You can pause and resume downloads at your whim, and if anything goes wrong due to server or internet errors, then you’ll be able to resume your downloads without needing to start again from scratch.

Turbo Download Manager also comes with an in-built tool to grab video, audio, and image sources for you so that you don’t need to worry so much about the best tools to download streaming video from any website. The download manager also comes with an internal module for enhanced support for these types of files.

A Screenshot of Free Download Manager official extension in Use

Free Download Manager is an external program available for Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux. It’s a powerful download manager with a ton of neat features, and even comes with a corresponding add-on for Firefox to improve your browsing experience.

Being an external program, Free Download Manager is capable of accomplishing a lot more than some purely browser-dedicated solutions are.

For example, Free Download Manager allows for faster downloading by processing large files via multi-threading. The program claims to be able to do this to achieve download speeds that are up to 10 times faster than they would be otherwise.

So, what good does the add-on do? Well, the Free Download Manager official extension lets you quickly and easily drag and drop links directly from your web browser into the download manager, for one.

It also lets you preview your audio and video files before you download them so that you can make sure that you’re downloading something worthwhile, and lets you convert files to other formats without complications.

It is worth mentioning that the extension only works as long as you also have the corresponding program installed, and serves primarily to expand upon the functionality of the program by letting you access it from your browser.

Finally, we have Download All Images. If you’re looking for an extension that will give you a lot of options and expand on the way that you use Firefox, then Download All Images is a good choice.

As you might expect from the name of the add-on, Download All Images allows you to download all the images on a webpage without having to work your way through them manually.

Whilst this may mean that the add-on is not technically a download manager, this functionality is so useful and similar in scope that we’d be remiss to exclude it from this list.

The functionality itself is relatively simple. All you need to do is access the add-on to use it on any webpage. Download All Images will then automatically detect all images loaded on your current web page, including those that are nested or otherwise hidden.

From there, you have the option to filter the images that you find. If you’re looking for a specific file size, image size, file type, or more, then this allows you to do just that quickly and easily.

The best part about Download All Images is that once you’ve made your way through the file, you’ll be shown a gallery view of all of the images that the add-on wants to begin downloading for you. This makes it so quick and so easy to determine if you’re actually downloading what you want to be.

Find the Perfect Download Manager for You

As you can see, there’s quite the variety of both options and functionality for whatever download manager you’re looking for. Whether it be images, faster downloads, or expanded functionality, there’s a Firefox add-on that’s no doubt perfect for you.

And if there isn’t, don’t stress. The perfect solution is just around the corner, the hardest part is only knowing where to look.

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