The 15 Hottest Cybersecurity Products At RSA Conference 2021 | #cybersecurity | #conferences

Putting Users In The Driver’s Seat

Vendors are taking advantage of RSA Conference 2021’s bright spotlight to launch new offerings, features, platforms and tools that will define the industry for months and years to come. Security management received a lot of attention at the show, with platforms launched that bring together threat intelligence, threat hunting, asset management, incident response, and data remediation.

Outside of security management, some of the common areas for innovation this year included security awareness training, data categorization, network security, and application protection. CRN broke out three of the most popular areas for new product development – zero trust security, cloud security, and extended detection and response (XDR) – into their own standalone slide show.

From streamlining incident investigation and response to continuously inventorying known and unknown assets to fusing together security awareness training, phishing simulation and account takeover monitoring, here’s a look at 15 hot cybersecurity products announced at RSA Conference 2021.



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