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Microsoft Edge has surprised many in recent years, after Internet Explorer’s problems. Now, there are plenty of reasons to be using Microsoft’s recommended browser.

One such benefit are themes. Microsoft Edge supports a wide range of Microsoft-created themes unique to the browser, and as it runs off Chromium, that means that Microsoft Edge can also make use of Chrome’s theme store as well.

Here are 13 of the best Microsoft Edge themes for you to try.

If you’re going to go with a theme by Microsoft, why not dive right in with one of Microsoft’s biggest titles? The Halo theme, as the name implies, is based largely on Master Chief’s adventures across the alien world known as Halo.

This theme features the actual Halo from the game, and matches the rest of the browser with dark and light blues to match. If you’re a big fan of the games, then this theme is a great, official way to show homage in your browser.

Another Microsoft official theme, Wandering Fields, originates in Microsoft 365 as one of many pieces of artwork used by the software.

This theme changes your browser background into a landscape of rolling hills and grassy paths. The colors of the theme itself blend in perfectly with this picture, and work well together with Microsoft Edge’s layout.

If you’re looking for another Microsoft official theme that’s based on a video game, then The Mist might just be perfect for you.

The Mist is a theme from Microsoft based on the game Sea of Thieves. Sea of Thieves is a game of piracy and sailing, and as such the theme features a pirate ship on the water with rays of light illuminating it from behind.

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The Mist is subtle in its reference as well. If you’ve never heard of the game before or don’t want your love for virtual piracy to be too obvious, then The Mist delivers beautifully.

Next on this list is Satin Stacks, another Microsoft official theme from the Microsoft 365 suite. The theme features a stack of multicolored satin sheets in a range of pinks, oranges, and yellows.

The background for the theme is a warm gray, which blends seamlessly up into the browser itself. The color is dark and subtly different from the default Microsoft Edge experience, but appreciably so.

For the final Microsoft theme on this list that is based on a video game, we have Microsoft Flight Simulator–Ocean Flight.

Much like The Mist, Ocean Flight is great in that it’s a relatively subtle reference to its source material. Whether you’re a fan of planes, Microsoft Flight Simulator, or just this particular shot, the theme works on a wide range of levels.

The first of two of Microsoft’s Hispanic Heritage themes is Movement. The theme itself is vibrant and interesting to boot.

The theme features bright reds and blues instead of the more common grays that many others tend to opt for. The background is dynamic and interesting as well, full of rich, earthy tones.

The second Hispanic Heritage theme on this list is Warm Shapes. Warm Shapes is quite different from Movement in that it features light blues and greens, and a more geometric approach in its background.

Both themes are great, however, and only part of many other Hispanic Heritage themes available from Microsoft.

For the final Microsoft Edge theme officially endorsed by Microsoft, we have Pride. Whether you’re a proud member of the LGBTQI+ community or just an ally, Pride is an excellent choice.

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The Pride theme features a wide variety of flags all laid out atop one another, all zigging and zagging as they do so. The end result is striking and a little more interesting than just one flag, and even bleeds up into the top of the browser proper.

Moving onto the first of the themes on this list not endorsed by Microsoft, we have Juega, chamaco. Juega.

The theme’s approach to the browser itself is minimalistic, leaving the buttons and bars a simple gray. The art chosen for the background itself—a child’s drawings come to life—more than make up for this, however.

If you’re looking for a theme that can be a little more interesting even when you can’t see its background, then why not try Under The Leaf?

Under The Leaf features some beautiful art of a frog in a pond surrounded by plants. Under The Leaf’s most striking feature, however, is the lovely shade of green it chooses to use for the browser’s tab bar.

Красоты, meaning Beauty in English, is a stunning theme featuring a landscape with a truly unbelievable sunset. The colors in the image run through every shade in the rainbow in a way that is exceptional.

Бирюзовые Тона, meaning Turquoise Tones in English, is another theme with a simple premise. Turquoise Tones sets your browser background to a wooden fence in different shades of turquoise.

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The theme looks great, and if you happen to love how Turquoise looks in your browser, then this is an excellent choice for you.

Finally, we have Crown. Crown is a great theme for your browser if you’re looking for something a little darker that is also interesting to look at.

Crown, as the name suggests, sets your background image to a series of crowns set in an interesting shade of pink that serves as an excellent highlight to the dark background it’s set against.

Why Stop Here? Customize Everything

Microsoft Edge has a wide range of different themes you can use, but there’s so much more that you can be doing with your browsers. There are endless ways to alter your experiences, and browser themes are just the start.

If you use your internet browser on more than one device, then there’s more than enough opportunity there to find new themes. If you use more than one internet browser, then even better.

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