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Linux is an open-source operating system with a broader contributor community than other OSes. However, downloading software for your Linux system can sometimes be risky due to security reasons.

The internet is flooded with spyware, especially on websites offering free apps, where some contributors try to exploit users through malicious files. That is why it is always recommended to use authentic websites to get an app.

Although viruses are rare on Linux, taking precautionary measures still doesn’t hurt. So, we have compiled a hand-picked list of the safest websites you can use to download Linux software for free without worrying about malware.

GitHub for Linux packages

GitHub is a cloud-based platform that allows developers to store, manage, and release software. It has a comprehensive community of Linux developers and verified organizations.

This website is a collaboration platform to evaluate an application on metrics such as stars, views, and the number of developers. Anyone can analyze the code as the software source code is available on repositories.

Due to this transparency, you can identify any harmful code present in the repository. GitHub has strong security policies and acts immediately if an exploit is reported.

These security measures make GitHub one of the safest sources to download Linux software. You’ll find almost all the apps available to download for free on this site.

Snapcraft safe apps

During your Linux journey, you must have installed apps through the “sudo snap” command at some point. It is the command for downloading apps from the Snap Store.

Snap Store by Snapcraft is a software store for all snap packages, developed by Canonical group, the developer of Ubuntu. It’s one of the reasons why it’s trusted and considered a safe source of software.

Snapcraft has a solid bundle dependencies mechanism, making it safer and more reliable. It means you don’t need to install dependencies from other sources that might make the apps vulnerable.

Secondly, the snap apps execute inside a sandbox environment omitting the external interference. So, you can download apps through the Snap Store without worrying about security vulnerabilities.

FlatHub for linux

Like Snap Store, Flathub also offers a wide range of Linux apps. You can download software from the website or install them through the command line. It contains all the popular applications needed for your Linux desktop.

Similar to the Snap Store, Flatpak packages also run in a sandbox environment, which means an app installed from Flathub will not interfere with the system files and vice versa.

This practice makes Flathub safe and reliable, as the apps are self-contained. So, you don’t have to worry about their effect on the system.

Softpedia download linux apps

Softpedia is a news-based website that also offers Linux apps. Initially, it used to provide missing drivers for operating systems but expanded its portfolio with time.

The website also provides ratings and reviews and has a unique feature that prevents wrapping the uploaded apps with adware or sponsored content.

Softpedia uses safe practices to keep the software harmless, like checking the uploaded apps using antivirus. If some adware is embedded in the app’s packages, it removes it, making it a safe download source for Linux apps.

F-Droid - Home

F-Droid is a popular FOSS (Free and Open-Source Software) store. It mainly targets Android, which is also a Linux-based system. You can check the news, reviews, and updates about the apps on this website.

F-Droid doesn’t save your information when you install an app, making it challenging for hackers to gather your information and exploit your system. As all the apps on the store are open source, their source code is freely available.

linux apps on SourceForge

SourceForge has a massive library of open-source software with tons of daily worldwide users. The website also has a blog and reviews apps. You can choose an app for your Linux system from the various categories offered.

An advantage of using SourceForge is that it is free of adware. It scans all the apps uploaded to the platform. The malware scanner also checks for malicious embedded files. And in case it finds malware, it displays a warning on the project.

DownloadCrew - Home

DownloadCrew is a store that has a collection of apps with different licenses. Some are free, while others are paid.

You can download Linux apps from more than 15 categories. In addition, it offers daily freebies, reviews, recommendations, and news on the apps. The website has an excellent, trustworthy score on

DownloadCrew also offers promo and discount codes for paid software. Most importantly, the site regularly scans the uploaded apps on the platform for malware.

Linux Apps - Home

As the name suggests, Linux-Apps is a store dedicated to Linux software. It offers a good range of open-source Linux apps, free to download for everyone.

You can see a list of apps sorted by the latest entries or ratings. The ratings and reviews on the website help you understand the apps better before downloading them.

Linux-Apps is a reliable store. It has a broad community and lets users and developers interact with each other, which proves pretty helpful in keeping the environment safe.

Packages For Linux and Unix - Home is a search engine for Linux distributions and repositories. A package is a compressed bundle that contains different apps, usually inside a repository. supports all major Linux distributions.

The website provides a clean interface to download the Linux packages without any adware. The goal of the website is to ease your access to these secure files.

Debian Packages - Home

Debian Packages is a minimal website that provides packages for Debian-based Linux distros such as Ubuntu. This means you’ll find packages for all Ubuntu-based systems here as well.

Most of the apps provided are free to use, and there is a separate section for paid apps. You can also find blogs and news about the apps on this website.

The packages are divided into stable, testing, and unstable categories with a wide range of sub-categories beneath them. As this is an official Debian website, you can rest assured that the packages offered are secure and reliable to download.

RPM Find - Home

RPMFind is a simple website that has indexed different Linux packages. It has a wide range of packages for all Linux distros that use RPM installation files. The site also helps automate the app and package updates.

RPMFind mirrors all packages found in the repositories and scans the repositories to identify dependencies. This functionality also helps detect any malicious dependency, making RPMFind a safe source for your software needs.

Open Build Service for Linux packages

Advanced Linux users tend to build applications from the source. That’s where Open Build Service comes in handy. It helps users build packages from the source and eases the distribution process.

Open Build Service focuses on transparency. So, you can trust the packages offered. As each build package and repository targets specific users, they are less likely to be exploited by attackers.

Explore New Linux Apps Using These Safe Sites

Downloading anything from the internet can be dangerous. So, be sure to check the reviews of a website before downloading apps from it. For your ease, we have mentioned above the safest and most reliable websites for downloading the best Linux apps.


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