The 10 Coolest Cloud Security Tools Of 2021 | #cloudsecurity

Containing Cloud Threats

Vendors have made great advances in 2021 around securing cloud applications, data, and workloads, rolling out tools that can block reverse shell attempts and cryptomining, help developers spot problems such as open S3 buckets, and visualize and prioritize cloud security risks to reduce the attacker’s blast radius and facilitate faster investigations.

Fostering more cloud visibility and collaboration has been a major area of investment, with companies delivering indicators of attack for the cloud control plane and extending zero trust security to workloads and applications hosted in public clouds. Other vendors, meanwhile, have focused on enable cloud-based data and intelligence sharing across security and IT operations teams.

Five of the coolest new cloud security tools come from companies based in California, three come from companies based in the Northeastern United States, and companies based in Michigan and Romania each contributed one offering to the list. Read on to learn what new cloud security features and functionality partners are now able to enjoy.



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