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SharePoint offers a diverse solution for document sharing, project management, content management, communication, and collaboration.

If you don’t want to use this Microsoft app, you have numerous alternative solutions. In this article, we will discuss some top SharePoint alternatives and their features.

Huddle is a team collaboration and database management tool designed for teams and companies that need to manage the huge content libraries. It offers the highest level of security, and hence, many government organizations use this platform to manage their mission-critical data. Besides offering task management features, this app also allows you to administer documents and share files.

You can customize this easy-to-use workspace depending on how your team wants to collaborate with the clients. Its sophisticated Admin and security controls let you manage the workflow without any risk.

Here, you can edit files straight from the app, control the versions, and share them with others. It supports integration with Microsoft SharePoint, Salesforce, Zimbra, and Centrify. This tool also offers features like document lock, audit trails, folder structure, commenting, reply via email, approval, etc.

Download: Huddle for Android | iOS (Free)

Box offers a specialized cloud service for remote teams that require collaborative work on files and documents. Don’t confuse it with the Box storage solution, which only provides file storage services on the cloud.

This app, however, functions as a powerful collaboration platform. Apart from the basic file sharing and editing features, it offers project management tools, enterprise security, and version control features.

This tool lets you sync data from mobile, manage workflows with Box Relay, share links with password protection, and access reports. The admins of the IT console can create personalized retention policies, control access, and customize security measures.

It has a single sign-on feature that lets you access all platform modules without risking data security. You can also integrate it with different third-party apps, including Microsoft 365.

Download: Box for Windows | macOS | Android | iOS (Free)

Confluence is an agile team collaboration platform where team members can discuss, create and organize their works. This SharePoint alternative takes data management to the next level. Whether it’s an enterprise or a small business, the app is perfect for remote teams doing dynamic work.

Each team gets a unique space in this platform for document storage and real-time collaboration. Use these spaces to record project designs, meeting notes, and other resources.

You can also make comments on content and mention colleagues for a quick response. This flexible tool offers integration with more than 600 add-ons.

This app supports a shared calendar and lets you schedule roster, leaves, and travel with ease. You’ll also get benefits like advanced search, drag & drop editing, space directory, and Page & file versioning in this tool.

Download: Confluence for Android | iOS (Free)

If you’re looking for a Sharepoint alternative for enterprise-level content management, go for Alfresco. It offers a digital and online platform where companies and remote teams can set up smooth workflows. Teams can seamlessly communicate for better collaboration using features such as task lists, project wikis, and activity feeds.

You can use its collaboration suite for free. You can view current and all previous versions of a document using its version-control feature. This app offers Customizable Templates to make your workflow configurable.

Its mobile apps allow you to work anywhere, at any time. You can always stay connected and collaborate with your teammates using the simple interface of this tool.

Samepage is a user-friendly collaboration platform with built-in communication features like team chat, video conferencing, and a real-time document editing facility. In fact, you can edit a document as you discuss it with others, all from the same screen. You can use its workspace to manage projects of any size.

This tool is also great for simultaneous document editing, project delegation, and meeting schedules. You can use its mobile app for 24/7 connectivity and instant updates. It also comes with group calendars where you can keep track of the schedule of all the team members. It also offers enterprise-level security and 10GB of space for every account.

Download: Samepage for Windows | macOS | Android | iOS (Free)

OnlyOffice is a collaboration tool that works perfectly well as a SharePoint Alternative. You can use it to edit and share docs, presentations, and spreadsheets without any delay. This feature-rich platform is available for free for individual users.

Tracking changes, comments, and version history are easy with this app. It also works as a CRM and project management tool. You can use its chat feature to communicate with the team.

It lets you upload documents from the local computer to the cloud and then edit the file with your colleagues. The supported file types include DOC, PDF, TXT, HTML, and CSV. It also offers integration with Google Drive, Box, Dropbox, and Microsoft OneDrive.

Download: Only Office for Android | iOS (Free)

Are you looking for an open-source content management system (CMS) for your team or business? You may want to try out Nuxeo, which provides you with everything you need to develop a successful content-centric project.

Setting up this content-management platform may seem challenging. However, once you know how to use this app, it’ll turn out to be a time-saving app for the whole team.

It lets you control almost all aspects of your collaborative project. You don’t need any other app to categorize your tasks.

This cross-platform desktop application allows you to manage documents, digital assets, and claims in one place. You can also access Dropbox with it and share images and videos using it.

Download: Nuxeo for Android | iOS (Free)

Jostle offers a comfortable online environment where your team can collaborate for better productivity. Using this intranet solution, teams can share documents and communicate for a simplified workflow. Besides letting you store files, it also allows you to share videos and news about the organization.

It has a visual employee directory where finding teammates is quick and easy. Thanks to its searchable library of documents, you don’t have to spend hours searching for a file. It lets you have a discussion instead of sending emails to reach a decision quickly.

What’s more, colleagues can swap shifts using this platform. You can use this platform to create photo albums, make organizational charts, and instantly communicate using messages and video calls.

Download: Jostle for Android | iOS (Free)

Effortless Content Management

SharePoint offers an array of features, but you may not need all of them for your organization. In that scenario, you can choose any SharePoint alternative that can properly meet your needs for content management.

The apps mentioned above offer different sets of features to cover many use cases. In case your work specifically calls for SharePoint, you may want to explore its features for collaborative work on files and project management.

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