Telegram under ‘toxic’ attack — new malware can steal private data and hijack your PC | #malware | #ransomware | #hacking

After Whatsapp changed its privacy terms earlier this year, millions of users started to migrate over to other messaging apps, with a popular choice being Telegram. In fact, according to Sensor Tower, Telegram was the most downloaded app in January 2021 with more than 63 million downloads.

Now, security researchers are seeing a steady increase in cyber-criminal activity on Telegram, with new malware “ToxicEye” being able to hijack a user’s PC through the popular messaging app. 

Discovered by researchers at Check Point Research (CPR), hackers are using the messaging app as a ready-made command and control (C&C) system for a new remote access trojan named “ToxicEye.”

Unfortunately, Telegram has already seen 130 attacks and given the recent spike in active users, many more are now vulnerable.

The nasty malware can perform a number of malicious tasks, such as stealing private data, transferring files, killing PC processes, and encrypt files for ransom purposes — something we recently saw happen to Cyberpunk 2077 developers CD Projekt Red.

That’s not all, as it even gives hackers the ability to hijack a PC’s microphone and webcam to record audio and video. Creepy.

As explained by CPR, ToxicEye is managed by attackers over Telegram, communicating with a hacker’s C&C server and sending data to it. Telegram has become a hotbed for malicious activity because of how easy it is to transfer data from a victim’s PC through the messaging platform.

Unfortunately, it’s just as easy to be affected by the ToxicEye malware. 

How to avoid the Telegram malware

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