Telegram for macOS website download vs App store version | #macos | #macsecurity

From a security perspective, using an App Store version provides an additional layer of defense against malicious code embedded in the software. Apple, of course, is not perfect nor incessantly vigilant but multiple layers of protection against attacks is almost always better. At a minimum, it can be easier staying current with updates when macOS takes care of notifications and downloads at a system level rather than relying on individual applications to self-update.

Now, if you are interested in minimizing your personal security and privacy risk levels, Telegram may not be the best choice for chat/IMs/SMS replacement. I won’t go into detail in this particular post but there are widely held–easily found using your preferred search engine–concerns about Telegram’s encryption, data handling, and developers.

For anybody interested in a deeper dive into this stuff, here are three resources for starters:

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