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new mysterious martian aurora has been discovered by a space probe orbiting Mars.

The Emirates Mars Mission said their Hope probe has discovered the red planet’s own version of the Aurora Borealis.

It’s thought the discovery will answer and raise questions about the planet’s surface, magnetic fields, and solar wind.

Google is now accepting requests from people to take URLs off its search engine that give away personal information, like personal addresses and phone numbers.

In a blog post the tech firm said its new policy means information that could pose a risk for identity theft, like confidential log-in credentials, can also be removed from search results.

Separately, Google is also encouraging Chrome users to update their browsers.

It’s after a successful hack discovered 30 security flaw; seven of which pose a “high” threat to users.

Two sisters who are hoping to reforest the planet with their food-waste seed pods have secured £50,000 of funding from the Royal College of Art.

Bike and Begum Ayaskan have launched Aerseeds: a project to create and disperse aerodynamic nutrient and seed pods made from food waste to reforest natural habitats.

New analysis from Global Forest Watch has found the loss of forests remained ‘stubbornly high’ in 2021. Data from the organisation said 3.75 million hectares of loss occurred within tropical primary rainforests – equivalent to a rate of 10 football pitches a minute. Plus, trials are taking place to see if discarded PPE can be recycled into medical equipment for the NHS, experts say viruses could spread between more mammal species as climate change worsens, and Avatar 2’s full title and release date is revealed.

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