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A teenage security expert claimed he was able to hack into 25 Tesla cars, allowing him to remotely start the vehicles and control their lights, windows and navigation systems. David Colombo, a 19-year-old German, said a fault had allowed him to take control of features of more than 25 Teslas in 13 countries. He said the bug let him start the cars and open their doors, potentially allowing a hacker to hijack the vehicles. It would also allow a hacker to remotely control music and lights while the car was being driven, potentially distracting the driver or other motorists. A hacker would also be able to track a car’s location at all times, and even change its destination if the vehicle was driving itself. Telegraph 

Production of new Xbox One consoles was quietly discontinued at the end of 2020, Microsoft said today. The news, initially broken by The Verge, comes just a day after Sony said it would continue to manufacture new PS4 units in 2022 to help alleviate PS5 scarcity. “To focus on production of Xbox Series X/S, we stopped production for all Xbox One consoles by the end of 2020,” Xbox exec Cindy Walker confirmed in a brief statement. Yesterday, Sony said its plan to continue PS4 production this year would allow more customers to purchase a PlayStation in the immediate future. It played down the suggestion it had previously considered culling PS4 sooner. Eurogamer

Samsung might bump up the price of the Samsung Galaxy S22, according to a new report. It was only a month ago that we reported on suggestions that Samsung was keeping its pricing model from the Samsung Galaxy S21 for the Galaxy S22. Now, however, it’s being claimed that the company will increase its flagship phone pricing by $100 across the entire Galaxy S22 range. According to tipster @chunvn8888, that would mean a likely starting price of $899 (which would likely equate to £869) for the entry-level Galaxy S22. The Samsung Galaxy S21 started from $799/£769 just over a year ago. Trusted Reviews

UK supermarket chain Tesco will begin ending the sale of CDs and DVDs in its stores, insiders have revealed. A tip provided to Film Stories suggests the company will no longer receive stock of new physical media, with stores expected to have sold or removed any remaining products by the end of February 2022. “We will be reducing the general merchandise entertainment, electrical and toy ranges [in stores]”, an internal Tesco communication obtained by Film Stories reads. The memo allegedly makes specific reference to the “removal of CDs and DVDs.” Tech Radar 

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