Teacher in Jempol loses RM45,500 in investment scam | #phishing | #scams

SEREMBAN: A teacher from Jempol has lost RM45,500 after falling prey to an investment scam through the Telegram app on Sunday (April 17).

Jempol police chief Supt Hoo Chang Hook said the 52-year-old teacher found he had been added to a Telegram group that offered an investment package which claimed to give a profit of RM15,000 within three to six hours of trading.

“The victim claimed to have chosen a package that required him to pay RM1,000 with a return of RM16,000 within the said trading period.

“Attracted by the offer, he made a payment of RM1,000 to a local bank account the same day.

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“On April 18 and 19, the victim was told to make four more transactions amounting to RM44,500 to several local bank accounts belonging to companies and other individuals,” he said in a statement on Friday (April 22).

He said after the fourth transaction, the teacher was asked to make another payment of RM27,500, for which he would get RM82,500.

Supt Hoo said the victim suspected that he had been cheated and lodged a police report on Thursday (April 21).

In another case, Supt Hoo said a 30-year-old salesman from Bahau lost RM20,000 after being duped by a Macau scam which claimed he was involved in money-laundering and drug activities.

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“The victim received a call from a man last Saturday (April 16) and the call was then apparently connected to a ‘police officer’ who wanted to investigate him,” he said.

As instructed by the suspect, the victim revealed his bank account details to the caller.

He realised he had been cheated after checking his account and finding RM20,000 missing.

The salesman then lodged a police report on Tuesday (April 19).

Supt Hoo said both cases were being investigated under Section 420 of the Penal Code for cheating. – Bernama

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