Sydney Trains station secret hack to getting on quickly in rush hour is revealed but some disagree | #emailsecurity | #phishing | #ransomware

Sydneysider discovers secret meaning behind different coloured platform pavings at a train station – but not everyone agrees

  • A Sydneysider has revealed a secret public transport hack for train commuters 
  • The hack should work on some inner-city platforms and give commuters an edge
  • Some have been shot the theory down though and one gave an alternative 

A Sydneysider has revealed the secret meaning he believes is behind the contrasting paving stones at a Sydney train station. 

The darker row of grey stones on Mascot station’s platforms line up exactly with where the train doors will end up, a post on reddit claims.

Armed with the new info, Sydneysiders could perfectly position themselves to board first using the secret knowledge and dodge the fight to get through the doors.

The Sydneysider was referring to these grey tiles, proposing their placement could indicate where the carriage doors will end up


Do trains stop with their doors at the darker line?

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‘At the end of the platform, it will generally line up with the 8 car markers, great for us learner drivers when we’re pulling into the platform!’ a train driver commented. 

The type of carriage set the driver is pulling will affect where the doors end up though, even if the drivers pull up to the exact same spot every time they arrive at the station, as one commenter pointed out.

‘Not entirely true, depending on what type of set it is,’ added another.

The older-style Sydney train ‘V’ sets which feature purple upholstery and sometimes run routes like the Central to Lithgow line differ in size from the modern style ‘H’ or ‘OSCAR’ sets which can be seen running along all the inner-city routes in Sydney. 

One reader said the theory was completely false, offering an alternative way of knowing. 

‘Not true. It’s just a style on the platform,’ one commenter wrote in response to the theory. 

Many commenters on the post wish there was a way to know which carriage would be closest to the exit of their destination station to speed up transfers

Many commenters on the post wish there was a way to know which carriage would be closest to the exit of their destination station to speed up transfers

‘For all other stations, stand to the left or right side of the “MIND THE GAP” marks on the platforms in the direction of travel. This is roughly where the doors will be.’

Many commuters wish there was an easier way to know how to position themselves on carriages  near platform exits to speed up commutes.

Some commenters pointed out that Japanese train networks have such a system and there’s an app with the info for travellers on the Paris Metro lines . 

One added: ‘If only Sydney had station exit door mappings like in the Tokyo subway where you can tell which door/carriage to use so you’re closer to the exit at your destination.’


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