Suspected Iranian DDoS cyberattack takes down Israeli government websites | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Israeli government websites, part of the domain, suffered a cyber attack Monday, likely originating in Iran. What is believed to have been a DDoS attack began around 6:15pm local time, with an irregular increase in traffic being exhibited on the servers running the websites. The bandwidth of the attack is believed to have reached 15-20 gigabytes.

“Over recent hours a DDoS cyberattack on a communications provider was identified, the result of which prevented access to several websites for a short time, including government websites. As of now all the websites have returned to function,” said the National Cyber Directorate.

Refael Franco, co-founder of cybersecurity company Code Blue and the former Deputy Director General for Robustness at the National Cyber Directorate, was far more stern in his response. “This is a state of emergency and an unprecedented attack on government websites. It can be estimated that this is part of the cyber blows being exchanged with Iran. We are heading towards a period of wide-scale escalation in cyberspace.”

Earlier Monday, a Twitter page affiliated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps took responsibility for the attack and stated: “The Zionist regime will not forget tonight.”

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