Suspect in Karachi suicide bomb attack that killed 4 including 3 Chinese nabbed | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

In a key development, an alleged suspect has been apprehended by Pakistan authorities in relation to the suicide bombing at Karachi University on April 26 which killed three Chinese persons and a Pakistani civilian. The arrest comes after China’s mouthpiece Global Times published an editorial stating perpetrators should be severely punished and give Beijing an explanation. 

The blast was claimed by the Baloch Liberation Army (BLA) wherein three out of the four victims were Chinese nationals admitted to the University. Three Chinese nationals and a Pakistani van driver lost their lives in a car explosion inside the premises of the said University and it has been reported that the three Chinese individuals who were killed were professors of the Confucius Institute. 

According to video footage assessed by Dawn, a burqa-clad woman was seen detonating herself as a van carrying staff members approached the entrance of the institute.

CCTV footage of Karachi blast depicts huge explosion triggered by suicide bomber

CCTV footage accessed by Republic Media Network showed the moment when the huge explosion triggered by the female suicide bomber blasted through a vehicle within the University of Karachi in Pakistan’s financial metropolis.

Pakistan’s authorities arrest 1 in Karachi suicide bomb attack case

Bebgar Imdad, a Karachi University student and a resident of Gulshan-e-Iqbal was captured and taken into custody by Pakistani rangers, intelligence agencies, and police personnel, reported the Express Tribune. An investigating officer has also revealed that the accused has been taken to an undisclosed location. 

Sources informed that the arrest was made after the suspect was traced by investigators with the help of a mobile phone link and that the authorities have shreds of evidence which sum up the fact that the said the Karachi University student was the one responsible for facilitating the female suicide bomber at the university. In addition, Express Tribune has noted that some foreign literature accompanied by laptops was recovered from the possession of Bebgar. They are said to be related to a social networking site, the officials stated, adding that the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime has also initiated an interrogation of the detained student. 

Notably, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) has also condemned the suicide bombing that rocked the financial capital of Pakistan, deeming it as ‘heinous and cowardly.’

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