Surfshark’s new fake news alert system warns of Russian invasion misinformation | #firefox | #chrome | #microsoftedge

VPN provider Surfshark has announced a new feature for its Chrome and Firefox extensions that is designed to root out fake news and alert people before they read it.

The move comes amid the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine with the quality and accuracy of news being more important than ever. Apple recently removed some Russian news apps from international App Stores and Google removed the same channels from YouTube. Now, Surfshark’s fake news warning system (FNW) is hoping to ensure people don’t fall into the trap of reading inaccurate reports at best and propaganda at worst.

The 21st century has shown that information might be sharper than the sword. Recent events in Ukraine have thrown our world deeper into turmoil and confusion. As a result, we’re releasing a free feature on our browser extensions (Chrome and Firefox) to help anyone avoid false information on the internet.

The feature, which is completely free, is simple in its execution. Once enabled, the FNW feature will mark content link suspected of being fake news with red “YYY” text. The trustworthiness of sites is based on information form, Surfshark says.

The list of untrustworthy websites was taken from and reviewed by our security experts. We are talking with security institutions worldwide to monitor and update this list, and iterations of it will roll out after the initial release.

Surfshark is already one of the best VPN services for iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Now it’s helping people to check the validity of the news before they click. At a time where information is everywhere and it’s difficult to know what to believe, features like this could be invaluable.

You can read more about FNW and get the Chrome and Firefox extensions from the Surfshark website now.

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