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Microsoft has kicked off the June 2022 firmware update roundup for its Surface devices with a massive release for the second-gen Surface Duo. The update weighs more than 700MB and it brings many new features and improvements, such as third-party apps support on Glance Bar.

Important: Surface firmware updates are one-way, so you cannot uninstall them. Be sure to check the list of known bugs before installing a particular update.

What is new in the June 2022 firmware update for the Surface Duo 2?

  • The update addresses scenarios outlined in the Android Security Bulletin for June 2022.

New Surface Duo 2 features:

  • Glance Bar shows notifications for 3rd party conversation apps.
  • Enables Haptic feedback control in Camera app settings.
  • Enables Slim Pen 2 automatic firmware update when paired via Bluetooth. See Use Surface Slim Pen with Surface Duo for more info.
  • Enables Automatic pairing of Slim Pen 2 while inking on either screen (requires Slim Pen 2 to have firmware version 5.133.139 or later and software version 5.148.139 or later).
  • Enables optimized charging to help reduce battery aging by charging the battery gradually overnight.
  • Enables Device Firmware Configuration Interface (DFCI) support to control device usage.

Other improvements and changes:

  • Improves device stability.
  • Improves system performance.
  • Improves touch responsiveness.
  • Improves camera usability.
  • Improves in-app camera experience in dual-screen mode for applications with dynamic orientation requirements.

Microsoft says there are no known issues in today’s release. The June 2022 firmware update is available for all Surface Duo 2 configurations under version 2022.418.08.

As for the original Surface Duo, it received a somewhat modest update with version 2022.418.56 that adds only Android security patches and general stability improvements. Both Surface Duo generations remain on Android 11, with no Android 12 currently in sight.

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