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Supply chains are being targeted by sophisticated ransomware cyber-attacks, disrupting thousands of businesses just as the economy starts to recover from the pandemic.

A recent survey highlighted that 43% of cyber-attacks are targeted at small businesses and any business that has clients, employees or suppliers and especially if they have an online solution possess a wealth of personal information and are vulnerable to attack.

Cyber security and GDPR compliance platform Naq Cyber is warning small businesses across the UK to take the threat seriously and consider having ongoing protection in the same way they would hire an accountant to manage their accounts.

The world’s largest meat processing company, JBS, was recently targeted by a cyber-attack, which temporarily shut down operations around the globe and imapcted all parties across the supply chain.


Nadia Kadhim, CEO at Naq Cyber, said: “The impact on UK businesses from these attacks could be fatal, especially for the small business who are often at the end of these supply chains. These attacks are designed to be as disruptive as possible and the fact that huge organisations like JBS are vulnerable means that smaller business need to start taking cyber-security seriously.

“Many of these small businesses don’t know what to do or where to start when it comes to securing that data. Criminals are taking advantage of increased security vulnerabilities to steal data, generate profits and cause disruption.”

The cyber experts at Naq Cyber have launched a one-stop platform for small businesses to easily manage their cyber security and legal compliance – essentially a small business information security officer.

“Keeping your data secure and compliant has never been more important,” said Nadia.


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