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IT organizations have made significant investments into security solutions, and firewalls (with VPNs) are among the most expensive. Unfortunately, network appliances are too frequently not unified with other infrastructure such as identity and access Management (IAM), which leaves gaps in the implementation of Zero Trust security strategies. There’s an awareness that IT should be doing more, but cost, complexity, and management overhead are often major roadblocks. 

JumpCloud removes these impediments and makes it possible to maximize your Fortinet investment by leveraging its built-in capabilities in conjunction with the JumpCloud directory platform’s layers of security. JumpCloud’s IAM security controls supercharge firewall and SSL VPN management and security through its directory, conditional access policies, and multi-factor authentication (MFA). Those capabilities are otherwise unavailable on a Fortinet appliance or involve additional costs and vendors. This configuration also reduces the firewall’s footprint on the open web, reducing the potential attack surface area with JumpCloud’s IAM.

This article demonstrates how to easily integrate JumpCloud with your Fortinet appliance, beyond single sign-on (SSO), to significantly increase your overall network security posture.

JumpCloud Adds Zero Trust Security, Intelligent Management

JumpCloud leverages Fortinet’s integrated support for single sign-on (SAML SSO) to direct users to the JumpCloud portal for authentication. That’s where a Zero Trust authentication flow occurs before access is permitted to a VPN (for users) or firewall console (for admins). There’s no third-party MFA solution (or FortiTokens) to manage and the user experience is consistent for anyone who’s accustomed to using JumpCloud SSO to access their apps and other resources.

Unified Zero Trust Security

Conditional access policies layer on additional security that’s not available through standard identity management integrations such as Active Directory or even with MFA alone. JumpCloud adds the option to restrict connections to managed devices and specified geographies, and enforces mandatory MFA for every login. It’s a unified system for all of your access control requirements.

Smarter User Management

Access to a VPN (or admin group) is determined by group membership inside of JumpCloud’s cloud LDAP directory. IAM is in effect from the initial user onboarding via HRIS integrations (or SCIM provisioning), onward (Read more…)

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