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Hyderabad: Angel investor Rakha Sugandh, a former employee of Microsoft and Amazon, has not only been exposing and fighting online fraud this Covid-19 season, but has also been providing ground support to patients and attendants in finding hospitals, ambulances, medicines and providing mental support to them.
Despite his Asperger’s syndrome and stuttering, Sugandh calls each number that he finds on various social networks and posts verified contact numbers with quoted prices on social media to prevent online fraud.
During the second wave, Sugandh started getting a lot of help requests for resources. He started scouring social media for oxygen, medicine and hospital bed requests he was getting. He soon found that there was a lot of misinformation on social media. “Most of the resource contact numbers passed around on WhatsApp, Twitter or resource portals either did not work or belonged to scammers and blackmarketers. A lot of people, who got scammed by fraudsters, started approaching me. After going through their stories, I published modus operandi of these scams and tips on how people can avoid them,” Sugandh told TOI.
This Covid-19 warrior also focuses on providing verified news, resources and medical information on the pandemic via his Twitter handle and audio discussions on Twitter Spaces. He also supports various volunteer groups as a bridge between them and also helps set up volunteer groups in other cities. Sugandh and his wife Taskeen Fatima Basha are co-creators of ‘The Urban Fight’, a career and finance channel on YouTube, with 2.3 million subscribers.

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