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The control room is the final area in Stray that you and B12 will enter together. After helping Clementine in Midtown, you’ll have a nice subway ride before reaching a bright, unassuming area where the robots are still only cleaning Companions as opposed to the almost human bots in the rest of the city. This guide will help you gain access to the control room and what you can do once inside, but beware of spoilers for Stray’s ending.

How to get into the control room 

After you’ve had a chat with all the robots, head to the locked door on the left. There should be a panel on either side of the door, so head to the one on the right. B12 will tell you that he’s unable to open the door without your help. There’s a little box robot you can interact with—the same one you used when getting the atomic battery— so direct it to the panel on the left. 

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