Stop using these apps or you will lose financial data | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

The State Bank of India (SBI) has issued a warning to its customers to beware of cyber fraudsters. As far as online transactions go, complete security can never be guaranteed. There are hackers always waiting to find a way to break into someone’s account and steal their money. 

Recently, SBI said in a tweet that the customers need to stay away from links that promise gifts or cash of any kind or look suspicious. SBI requested customers to avoid and not click on such links. 

It further cautioned people not to download certain apps on their smartphones or computer systems which might promote any kind of phishing. Therefore, before downloading an app, check its authenticity, reviews and comments. It should be a priority to do thorough research before downloading the financial app. Also, do not give your important and private information to them.

The bank also stated that KYC fraud is real and has spread across the country via a tweet. They asked the customers not to click on any link that requires them to update their KYC. 

The fraudsters will pose as bank employees and send a message to the customer asking to click on a link and update your personal details. 

If by any chance you come across such a link or scam, you can file a complaint report of such cyber fraud at SBI Bank will never send any message to any customer for a KYC update. After this, do not share your mobile number and confidential data with anyone.

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