STELCO hit with ransomware attack; interrupts services | #malware | #ransomware

Mohamed Rehan

28 March 2022, MVT 12:03

STELCO fell victim to a recent ransomware attack which the company has claimed was working to counter–

Mohamed Rehan

28 March 2022, MVT 12:03

A ransomware attack on the IT network of State Electric Company Limited (STELCO) had interrupted several the company’s online services.

The utility provider confirmed that the attack was discovered on Thursday, the previous week which had rendered the company’s mobile phone application, mobile outlets, and counter services useless.

Meanwhile, STELCO has apologized to its consumer base for inconveniences, further notifying that considerable time may be required to completely resolve the matter.

Ransomware is categorized as a form of malware attack in which hackers or unethical coders seize and encrypt the targeted victim’s data, crucial files, and other content before demanding payments to release or decrypt the data.

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