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The UNO Department of Public Safety and Information Technology Services says to be on alert for potential email-based scams making the rounds.

  • published: 2021/11/13

  • contact: University Communications

University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) Public Safety Office and University of Nebraska Information Technology Services (ITS) have been recently notified of an email scam that has impacted college students in the Omaha area.

Like similar phishing scams, this recent incident involves scammers sending fraudulent employment offers and checks from what apears to be a Michigan-based company called AIM Computer Solutions Inc. In these cases, fraudulent offers are followed by the distribution of checks, contacting by text message, and vague instructions on next steps.

These scams are especially common during the holidays. In these cases, the checks are fraudulent and could negatively impact a person’s bank acount, credit, or personal information security. Members of the UNO community are encouraged to contact UNO Public Safety Office if they suspect they are the target of a potential email scam.

Always be skeptical if you receive offers like this. Watch for grammatical errors, and ask yourself if this type of email is something you would normally receive by the person who sent it.

Safety Tips:

  • If emails are received of this nature, do not respond to them.
  • If you receive an email asking you to review a document or click on a link, check with the sender of the email first, preferably via phone to make sure it is a valid request.
  • In the future, if you receive an email asking you to review a document or click on a link, check with the sender of the email first, preferably via the phone, to make sure it is a valid email/request.
  • Report any suspicious emails to the FTC, at, and the NU Cybersecurity office at or
  • Verify who sent an email by hovering your mouse over the sender’s name
  • Never accept cash checks from someone you don’t know or an unknown organization


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