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Along with initiating the usage of masks and sanitisers, the COVID-19 pandemic has also led to a spike in cyber frauds. Since early last year, when the coronavirus was spreading its wings across the globe, a growing volume of losses have been observed caused by increasingly sophisticated scams. To create awareness about the same among their customer, the State Bank of India (SBI) has issued a warning to beware of cyber fraudsters.

Althoughcomplete security cannot be guaranteed in online transactions, hackers are always able to find a way to break into people’s accounts and steal their money. In their latest tweet, SBI has requested customers to not fall prey to links that promise gifts or cash of any kind. The bank asked them to not click on such links as cyber fraudsters can be behind it.

SBI also cautioned people to not download apps on their smartphones or computer systems, which promote any sort of phishing. Customers were suggested to check the authenticity, reviews, and comments of an app before downloading it. Proper research should be done before individual downloads any financial app. The bank further advised people to not give out important and private information.

SBI also stated that KYC fraud is real, and it had spread across the country via a tweet. They informed the customers to not click any link that asks them to update KYC. By clicking on these phishing links, the individual could lose their personal and confidential information.

Cyber fraudsters are also cheating people by creating fake links of reputed companies and banks. Fraudsters pretend to be bank employees and on the pretext of providing doorstep services, they ask the customers to click on a link and update personal details.

SBI further in the tweet directed people to file complaint reports of such cyber frauds or scams at They assured that SBI Bank will never send messages to customers for a KYC update.

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