State’s Attorney asks for COVID funds for computer upgrades | #itsecurity | #infosec

LaSalle County State’s Attorney Todd Martin is asking the County Board for $58,244 in COVID relief money for computer upgrades. He says most of his office’s computers are ten or more years old. They run Windows 7, don’t get security updates anymore, and lack the hard drive space for some improvements.

Martin says he’s moving to laptop computers so they’re portable. That would enable someone to take the computer from place to place in the office and to take it home or to some other location to work.

The County Board is deciding how to spend up to $21 million in federal COVID relief funds. Board member Curt Faber asked about using drug fund money for it. Martin says it’s not feasible. Drug fund money can only be used for narcotics law enforcement. Not all of his department’s work is in that area.

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