Stain removal hacks: How to get rid of drink stains – wine, tea and more | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

The key, however, is to tackle spillages as soon as they occur.

Tea and coffee stains

Tea and coffee stains are arguably one of the most common and can be difficult to remove due to their dark pigmentation.

Mr Davies told “Depending on how much sugar or milk is in the drink, removing these stains is tricky.

“Coffee and tea can cause permanent damage, and even professionals don’t promise complete success to customers.”

However, with the right determination, you may be able to lift the stain in the moments directly following the spill.

Mr Davies said: “Use a towel to dry off the area by lifting as much liquid as possible after rinsing it off with water.

“Make sure to choose a stain remover that’s right for the fabric.

“You’ll need to use a combination of stain removers and fibre and fabric rinsers.

“Just be patient and repeat the steps, stopping when you get the desired result.”

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