St. Landry seniors earn culinary arts degree at collegiate academy | #education | #technology | #training

EUNICE — Dylan Fuselier and Baylie Guillory measured out the quantities of flour and sugar their recipe calls for, leaning over a stainless steel table in a commercial kitchen Wednesday.

“I like every aspect of this,” Fuselier said. “I like baking anything I can get my hands on. I make a killer apple tart.”

The two aren’t sous-chefs or line cooks at a local restaurant, but teenagers in the culinary arts program at the Eunice Career and Technical Educational Center.

They’ll graduate in May and mark St. Landry Parish as the first in the state to have two students graduate with technical diplomas, which are the career education equivalent to an associate’s degree, from South Louisiana Community College.

The center is one of two collegiate technical academies in St. Landry through a partnership with SLCC, and Fuselier and Guillory are the first two to complete the full three-year, dual enrollment program, earning them each a technical diploma in culinary arts and operations.

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