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BENGALURU: Notorious hacker Ramesh alias Sriki, 26, was provided a private jet to escape from police hunting for him in a February 2018 attempt-to-murder case in the city.
Sriki, who was finally arrested last year and booked for hacking into gaming portals, is Accused No. 8 in the attempt-to-murder case in which a city MLA’s son and others attacked a businessman’s son. Sriki evaded arrest for six months and surfaced after a local court granted him anticipatory bail.
Fellow accused in the hacking case Robin Khandelwal sheltered Sriki at his residence when he was on the run. “Later, Khandelwal paid Rs 11.8 lakh to charter a private jet to fly Sriki,” the chargesheet reads, but is silent where he was flown.
Sriki’s exploits are outlined in the chargesheet submitted by Central Crime Branch to a local court and also has details about other accused — Khandelwal, Suneesh Hegde, Prasidh Shetty and Sujay Raj. While Khandelwal is from Kolkata, all others are from Bengaluru.
The over 800-page chargesheet narrates how Sriki hacked into gaming websites, poker games in particular, and extorted money from owners. Sriki and Suneesh Hegde extorted Rs 50 lakh from the owner of a gaming website after calling him to Goa.
Sriki succeeded not only in making the website defunct, but also stole its data and threatened the owner he’d destroy it. Sriki, who received bitcoins from owners of other websites he had hacked, transferred them to Khandelwal’s account and received cash through hawala from him.
“Knowing that prime accused Sriki would hack into websites, the other accused decided to use Sriki for hacking different websites and extorting money from their owners. The accused would accommodate Sriki in posh star hotels as well as resorts in different parts of the state and places like Goa, where Sriki would sit for months together and hack sites,” the chargesheet reads.
The chargesheet explains how Sriki hacked into card gaming websites and pied on cards of other players as well as cards arranged in the fray. The other accused would easily won online card games and earned quick money.
However, the chargesheet said another accused, Hemanth Muddappa, has been left out since there was no evidence. In the FIR registered in Cottonpet police station in November 2020, Hemant Muddappa was identified as Accused No. 5. Sriki was arrested in November 2020 for sourcing drugs through the darknet using bitcoins. Police said Sriki had hacked government websites as well, including the e-procurement portal, siphoning off crores of rupees.

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