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[] Beaumont, Texas – SR2 Solutions announced the availability of SR2 SCIF for iOS and Android based smartphones and tablets today to bring a new level of privacy for users. Named for the commonly used design principles in the Intelligence Community for “Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities” where sensitive information can be safely stored and transmitted to other “SCIFs”, SR2 Solutions replicates the basic principles of a SCIF in both code and UI/UX design on users’ smartphones and tablets to provide the most private and secure messaging platform available today.

Every message that is sent and received is encrypted and decrypted on the user’s device so that no one between them and the person they’re talking to can ever read the conversation. SR2 Solutions uses a mix of Elliptic Curve Cryptography, and AES-256 Bit Cryptography. These are among the best encryption technologies available in the marketplace today. And it is encryption that is implemented in such a way that not even the team at SR2 Solutions can read the messages that are sent through SR2 SCIF.

Not only are messages fully encrypted behind the scenes in SR2 SCIF, users also have the ability to have the messages displayed in the user interface encrypted to protect users’ privacy from casual glance by nearby people or someone who could be “shoulder surfing” your screen in public spaces like bars, restaurants, public transportation, or large events. As a result, anyone looking over the shoulder of a SCIF user will just see scrambled text.

SR2 Solutions CEO and Founder, Charles Teel said, “We keep our lives on our smartphones. Including a great deal of sensitive information such as financial data, medical data, communications with loved ones, and sensitive information for business. You need to keep that information safe with your own SCIF. We’re continuously adding new features as we build this platform beyond just text messaging. SR2 SCIF will quickly become your most reliable and most secure place to hold conversations with family, friends, and colleagues as well as to store your sensitive files and records.”

Teel also pointed out that SR2 Solutions has great plans going forward for expanding SR2 SCIF to add features like secure large file transfers, public drop boxes for secure messaging from people who don’t have a SCIF account, and enterprise licenses. Enterprise licenses will include a private server and customized version of the mobile app that can be branded and distributed exclusively to employees and other stakeholders of private companies and government agencies who need to maintain secure and reliable encrypted communications.

SR2 Solutions is a Beaumont, Texas based cyber security firm led by full stack developer and experienced cyber security professional, Charles Teel. Started in 2017 as a cyber security consulting firm, SR2 Solutions has worked with firms across the globe providing custom cyber security services to organizations in Oil & Gas, Finance & Banking, Information Technology, Law Offices, Medical Offices, Municipal/State/Federal Government Agencies, Law Enforcement, Nonprofits, and countless other sectors. SR2 Solutions is driven by a mission to Secure, Respond, and Recover information technologies to help protect the people that use it. Copyright (C) 2021, SR2 Solutions, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, macOS, iPhone, iPod and iPad are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. in the U.S. and/or other countries.


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