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Partnerverse is going to provide more visibility for Splunk partners.

On Day 2 of .Conf22, two Splunk partners gave the thumbs-up to the company’s new Partnerverse program that launched in March.

During .Conf22, Splunk unveiled enhancements to Partnerverse. Enhancements include:

  • The Splunk Cloud Sandbox, a dedicated Splunk Cloud Platform environment. Eligible partners can access a 50-gigabyte, single-tenant, cloud stack environment to learn about Splunk cloud products, build and test solutions, and demonstrate their solutions on Splunk Cloud to existing and new customers.
  • A new online solutions catalog where partners can showcase their expertise, and Splunk-based offerings and services to attract and connect with potential customers.
  • A new funded partner training benefit to help Splunk partners build solution competencies and drive enablement.

TekStream Systems’ Matthew Clemmons

Matthew Clemmons is managing director of TekStream Systems. It provides software, services, support and sourcing for a variety of digital transformation partners. Splunk is the the largest part of its portfolio.

Clemmons said the Partnerverse program is elevating partners that have invested in the company and is focused on the fundamental things that create successful partners.

Adding Transparency

With Partnerverse, Splunk is adding more transparency in terms of what it’s looking for in a model partner, Clemmons said.

“With Partnerverse, Spunk has found the things that matter,” he said. “So partners like us who have invested heavily in Splunk and the people, and not just looking at the global size (partners) that have huge names, looking at the fundamental things that create not just successful partners, but partners that can make their customers successful. So they’ve elevated that and are going to provide visibility for their customers to the partners that can help them be more successful. So partners like us who are full stack Splunk, observability and security, and have deep, deep knowledge, the Partnerverse program is doing a great job of identifying and elevating those partners.”

TekStream isn’t a large or small company, he said. But outside the walls of Splunk, it’s not an everyday household name.

“So what Partnerverse is going to do is allow us to have exposure in the right ways to customers that need the relationships … so that they’re successful,” Clemmons said.

During .Conf22, Splunk emphasized its focus on observability and security.

“So data is security data,” Clemmons said. “And we need to have clear fidelity and visibility into that data. So observability and security is the way we look at things.”

Partnerverse Emphasizes Education

Consist Software Solutions' Thomas Miller-Lupp

Consist Software Solutions’ Thomas Miller-Lupp

Thomas Muller-Lupp is portfolio manager, digital transformation with Consist Software Solutions in Germany. It’s also a Parterverse member.

He said Partnerverse is more focused on education, which is “very good for us because we have a high skill level in Splunk.”

“There is this new locator where we can put what is our business, what we want to do and want to show Splunk, what is our capabilities, what we can do as a partner,” Muller-Lupp said. “We can focus on our services and doing it together.”

During Tuesday’s Global Partner Summit, Splunk’s president and CEO Gary Steele said one of the most interesting opportunities for partners is to help on-premises customers move to cloud. Muller-Lupp said there’s an even bigger opportunity to help companies in Germany with cloud migration.

“Germans are not so cloud minded,” he said. “It takes some time that German companies are on their way to the cloud. If the American companies are here, German companies are maybe just starting the move to the cloud. But I think this will come up in one or two years.”

In addition, demand for cybersecurity in Germany is “huge at the moment,” Muller-Lupp said.

“We have a lot of projects in the pipe, but the resources are missing,” he said. “So it’s great that Splunk is focusing on security.”

Observability and Security

Also during .Conf22, two Splunk super sessions focused on observability and security.

Splunk's Mala Pillutla

Splunk’s Mala Pillutla

Mala Pillutla, Splunk’s group vice president of global observability market strategies, talked about why organizations should be focused on observability.

“The world is rapidly shifting to digital,” she said. “[During the pandemic], there was a 70% increase in internet use, a 76% increase in ecommerce, and 65% of all interactions are now digital. To meet these demands (organizations are) modernizing IT ops, migrating workload to cloud or modernizing applications.”

That means there’s more for…

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