SpiceJet hit by ransomware attack, morning flight departures impacted; issue now resolved | #malware | #ransomware

Airline major SpiceJet encountered a ransomware attack on Tuesday night, which slowed down its operation and impacted morning flight departures on Wednesday. The airline, in a statement, avered that the problem has been rectified and that flights are functioning normally now. The airline confirmed this important development in a tweet.

Taking to Twitter, SpiceJet wrote, “Certain SpiceJet systems faced an attempted ransomware attack last night that impacted and slowed down morning flight departures today. Our IT team has contained and rectified the situation and flights are operating normally now.” 

SpiceJet flight turbulence

Meanwhile, in a related development, earlier, a SpiceJet flight reported a snag due to which the Durgapur-bound flight had to return to Chennai. It happened on the night of May 3 after the engine of the SpiceJet Boeing B737-8 Max aircraft VT-MXA which was operating as SG-331 had to come back mid-way after developing some engine issues. 

This not only caused inconveniences to the passengers but also led to a delay of 6-7 hours before taking off again. The passengers also took to Twitter to share their experiences and raised their complaints. 

Responding to the complaints, SpiceJet had assured the passengers of working on the issues at the earliest. SpiceJet spokesperson also confirmed the issue and said that the flight from Chennai to Durgapur on May 3 came back to Chennai due to technical issues and landed back safely. Notably, the same flight SG 331 was earlier diverted to Varanasi due to bad weather in Durgapur on May 1. 

SpiceJet to offer broadband internet services soon

It is pertinent to mention here that SpiceJet, the second-largest airline in India, operates a fleet of 19 aircraft – 13 of which are max planes and 46 are older models of Boeing 737 aircraft. Meanwhile, SpiceJet’s CMD Ajay Singh in a recent email to his employees on the 17th anniversary of SpiceJet, stated that he hopes to start offering broadband internet connection on board the aircraft soon.

CMD Ajay Singh said in the email, “We will continue to add new products and new routes to our network this year. SpiceClub, our wonderful loyalty program launched our co-branded credit card recently and we hope to start a broadband internet service onboard our aircraft soon,” PTI reported. 

“The Boeing 737 Max the flagship of our fleet has successfully returned to service and earned rave reviews from passengers. Over the next few months, we will induct many more Max aircraft into our fleet with the goal to replace all our older aircraft with the Max,” CMD Ajay Singh further added. “SpiceJet’s route network would be expanded to cover unique destinations in India and around the world,” he concluded. 

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