South Korean companies creating AI reps — some on social media | #socialmedia

South Korean game company Smilegate’s virtual character, Han Yoo-a, has gained popularity for her realistic features. Image courtesy of Smilegate

SEOUL, April 14 (UPI) — A growing number of South Korean corporations and government agencies are releasing their own AI characters to communicate with audiences at home and abroad.

The Korea Trade Promotion Corp. announced Wednesday that it had created an artificial intelligence anchor named RAMI to deliver agency-related global news on YouTube.

South Korean game publisher Smilegate also released a virtual artist named Han Yoo-a, who is the protagonist of “Focus On You,” a game released in 2019.

After going through an upgrade last year, Han became popular with fans, who praised its realistic features. Han has more than 10,000 followers on Instagram.

Thanks to Han’s popularity, YG Kplus, an affiliate of global entertainment giant YG, signed with her this February. Han is to perform in TV broadcasts, commercials and YouTube.

Samsung Electronics teamed up with local system integrator CJ Olive Networks in 2020 to develop NEON, a virtual character that can interact with human users.

Last year, artificial intelligence graphics company Pulse9 also “debuted” a virtual K-pop girl group called Eternity. One of its 11 members released a solo track.

This year, LG Electronics released its virtual influencer, Reah Keem. LG plans to help her debut as a musician.

Toward that end, the company signed a memorandum of understanding with music label Mystic Story, which was founded by famed singer Yoon Jong-shin.

South Korea’s insurer Shinhan Life also promoted its launch via a virtual influencer named Rozy, who appeared in the company’s ad campaign, which drew much interest.

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