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New Delhi: The government is reviewing India’s skilling strategy at the highest level as it aims to create a dedicated talent pool for the sectors covered under the production linked incentive (PLI) scheme. The move comes after potential investors said the productivity of the Indian workforce did not match global standards, thus impacting their cost.

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and NITI Aayog recently held meetings with the skills development ministry on the overall skilling strategy and the apprenticeship scheme respectively to bring about desired changes, said a senior official. “A detailed road map could be laid out soon with focus on creating skilled manpower for 13 specific sectors,” the official told ET on condition of anonymity.

According to the official, different ministries have been getting queries on India’s skilled workforce and their productivity compared to other countries since the announcement on the PLI scheme. “The government has decided to take a structured approach to address the surge in demand for a skilled workforce across these sectors,” the official said, adding requisite changes across skilling schemes could be made soon.

The skills development ministry and the commerce ministry have sought feedback from the industry on how to enhance skilling and employment opportunities for the youth in India, as skilling the workforce would also enhance India’s capabilities to attract investments from overseas.

The need for intervention by the PMO and NITI Aayog emerged as even after several years of efforts the standards of skilling as well as the rate at which India is skilling its youths continues to be low. As a result, while the availability of skilled manpower continues to be a challenge, the low productivity rates in India are stalling investments in the country.

Last year, the government had allocated $26 billion to PLI schemes across 13 sectors. The funding will be used to incentivise manufacturing firms to grow bigger over the next five years. The government expects the move to translate into an enhanced production of $520 billion and creation of millions of jobs.

Data available with the labour bureau shows five million youths enter the workforce every year while millions of them need to upskill and reskill to match international standards. India’s total workforce stands at more than 500 million.

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