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Valorant is the latest hype in the e-sports FPS genre. Since its release, the player community has kept increasing. So much so that as of March 2022, more than 16 million players are playing the game.

Since the game is so popular, new players keep joining the game. However, players are reporting they see the “Invalid access to memory location” error while installing Valorant. The annoying error does not let you install Valorant, and the root of it is unknown.

But worry not, the community has come up with different easy-to-follow solutions to combat the problem. If you, too, are looking for an answer, read below to find out how to tackle the “Invalid access to memory location” on Valorant installation.

Invalid Access to Memory Location Valorant Install- Fixes

You find this error when Valorant cannot access enough RAM to run the game smoothly. Your PC may not have enough RAM when you have background processes hogging up the memory, outdated graphics driver and Windows, or corrupt game files if you already have the game.

Before moving to the fixes, it is best to remember that the minimum RAM needed to run Valorant is 4 GB. So, if you do not have the necessary RAM, you might want to increase it before trying to play Valorant. It is also fruitful to keep in mind that having at least 30 GB of free storage on your SSD/HDD can be beneficial for installing the game.

If you have enough memory on both your RAM and SSD/HDD but are facing the problem, look below to find the best solution to fix your problem.

Close All Background Tasks

As mentioned earlier, the background processes of heavy apps such as Photoshop or Google Chrome can take up most of your RAM and sometimes processor as well. Hence, you can close all the apps before trying to install/run Valorant and use the Task Manager to close the background process.

  1. Press Ctrl + Shift+ Esc on your keyboard to open Task Manager.
  2. Select the process that is taking up most of the RAM.
  3. Press the End Task button. 
  4. You can also use the same method to close the apps running in the background.

You can then try installing/running Valorant and see if the error persists. If it does, you can try the next fix.

Update Windows and Graphics Drivers

Often, you can see errors if your drivers and Windows are out of date. The best way to tackle this problem is by manually updating the necessary drivers and Windows.

Update Windows

To update your Windows, you can:

  1. Open Search, type in Windows Update Settings, and hit Enter.
  2. Press the Check for Updates button.Check for updates in Windows 11
  3. If Windows finds the new update, press the Download and Install button.
  4. Wait until Windows downloads and installs the latest updates.
  5. Restart your PC if prompted.

Update Graphics Driver

If you have Nvidia Graphics Card, you can follow the following process to update your drivers.

  1. Open GeForce Experience by searching it in the search bar.
  2. Go to the Drivers tab.
  3. Hit the Check for updates button.update graphics driver through Nvidia
  4. Wait until GeForce Experience finds the latest Game-ready drivers.
  5. Hit the Download button.
  6. Once the download is complete, press the Express Installation button to install the update automatically.
  7. Restart the device if prompted.

You can also try to update your graphics driver through the Device Manager manually.

  1. Right-click on the Start button and select Device Manager.
  2. Expand the Display Adapters option.
  3. Select the graphics card you are using and right-click on it.win10-devmgr-graphics-driver-update
  4. Select the Update drivers option.
  5. In the new popup window, select Search automatically for Drivers.
  6. Wait until Windows finds a new update for your graphics.
  7. Install the driver and restart your PC.

Reinstall Valorant

This solution is for those who face the “invalid access to memory location” issue in already installed Valorant. If the solutions above did not work, then your game files might be corrupted. You can try reinstalling the game and fixing the issue.

  1. Open Control Panel.
  2. Head over to the Programs section.
  3. Go to Programs and Features.
  4. Select Valorant.uninstall-valorant
  5. Hit the Uninstall button at the top.
  6. Wait until Valorant is fully uninstalled.
  7. Restart your PC.
  8. Now, go to Valorant’s official download website.
  9. Log in using your Riot ID.
  10. Download the installation file for Valorant.
    install Valorant
  11. Once downloaded, run the file and wait until the Riot Client is fully installed.
  12. Download Valorant through the client.
  13. Wait until the download and the installation process is fully complete.
  14. Restart your PC.
  15. Run Valorant.

Contact Riot Support

If nothing has worked so far, your last resort is to contact Valorant’s support and ask them to help you. Head to their support website and submit a ticket. Please make sure to choose the right category for your issue and explain the problem in detail. Additionally, you can also attach a screenshot of the issue you are facing.

Once you fill out the form and submit it, the Riot support will contact you and guide you through the solutions that have worked for others in the past. 

Hopefully, one of the solutions mentioned above worked for you, and you can now install and run Valorant smoothly in your system. 

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