Software Development Outsourcing Will Grow 70% by Next Year 2023 [Forecast] | #cloudsecurity

The Software Development Domains are going to be in demand in 2023

We have identified the top four outsourcing services that are high in demand and are acting as primary actors in accelerating the industry magnification.

AI and ML-Based Software Development

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology are currently leading the web development trend charts.

Very few companies are providing AI and ML-based solutions to their clients. From frontend to backend, both technologies help to optimize the overall software. In addition, you can embed AI virtual assistants to enhance customer relationships.

Furthermore, Machine Learning modules aids eCommerce companies in evaluating customer behavior, predicting market trend, and making relevant decisions.

For leveraging the enormous advantages of AI and ML, their demand is increasing, and enterprises are paying a hefty amount for it.

Platform Independent App Development

Cross Platform App Development

Each industry requires a cross-platform application to reach the target audience, whether it’s a desktop or mobile application.

In 2022, the demand for cross-platform app development is immensely increasing, and demand will continue until the third quarter of 2023. And for achieving the target for the platform-independent app, .NET has become the first choice. You can build multiple hybrid applications with .NET and even integrate AI, ML, Cloud, and custom APIs.

Hence, enterprises are looking to hire software developers from outsourcing companies having expertise in .NET development.


Cyber Security

With the rapid surge in cyber-attacks across small, medium, and large-scale organizations, businesses are moving to update their infrastructure and digital security.

In addition, the companies are also expanding their cyber-security budget to partner with an authentic and robust security firm. Besides hiring an in-house team, organizations are looking for outsourcing companies for website security services that cover everything, from configuring an SSL certificate to mitigating DDoS and malware attacks.

In 2023, outsourcing companies offering application, network, cloud, and infrastructure security services will skyrocket their capital.

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