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Social media has been a power of Nigerian citizens to tame the government, without social media the citizens can’t hold the government to account for their actions. 

The same government that wants to ban the social media, uses social media in promoting their political interests and achievements. The importance of social media in Nigeria is almost 75 percent.

Many Nigerian citizens get help from the government and general public through the social media. 

There have been many cases of rape in Nigeria in the last decade and the victims are likely to get help from speaking out in the social media. 

When a public office holder harasses or intimidates a citizen they get help instantly from social media whenever they post it, a help which can be manipulated when taken to the Nigeria police. 

The social media owners, unlike nations like Nigeria, have rules and guidelines of their community which can’t be violated. It is in a nation like Nigeria that you will violate rules and go unpunished simply because you are influential.

Social media can be used to unite the nation just as it can be used to cause a war, depending on how we use it. If we promote peace, we will all be proud of the nation.

With the use of social media, many youth promote and sell their products online; the nation is full of youths with unemployment. Some manage to sustain themselves through the advertisements they do for people, and that earns them huge funds to solve their basic needs. 

Banning social media will have negative impact on many Nigerians including lawmakers.

Kingsley Obinna, 

Department of Mass Communications,

University of Maiduguri,

Maiduguri, Borno state

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