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There’s a small (actually barely noticeable) rebrand coming to Chrome OS. It’s minuscule, but it does add some nice consistency to some of Google’s products. This new change will drop the space separating “Chrome” and “OS”.

Nowadays in tech, companies try to create a cohesive experience across their products. This even goes down to the naming. There are ecosystems of products and software that follow a similar naming scheme, and that sort of consistency people like.

Chrome OS rebrand will drop the space

How does Chrome OS fit into this? Well, Google has decided to drop the space between “Chrome” and “OS”. While there doesn’t seem to be a pressing reason behind this, it all has to do with the device this operating system is running on. The word Chromebook is spelled as one word. Because of this, it seems weird that the OS is spelled as two words.

According to Chromium Gerrit, there is a string in the operating system that changes the name from “Chrome OS” to “ChromeOS”. The string reads:

Update Chrome OS to ChromeOS (string update)

Branding changes to unify and update Chrome OS to ChromeOS (removing the

While this discrepancy won’t turn people away from the ecosystem altogether, it’s still nice having this consistency among the ecosystem. We’ll start seeing the new spelling popping up soon.

In Other Chrome OS News: Android app usage on Chrome OS has jumped up quite a bit

Chrome OS has become a really useful and powerful platform over the last decade. First, Chromebooks were laughed at for being lower-powered computers that required an internet connection to function. Now, they’ve become powerful business tools to get serious work done. We also can’t forget about their dominance over the educational market.

Recently, the company revealed that there has been significant growth in the Chrome OS market when it comes to Android apps. According to the company, Android app usage on Chrome OS has increased about 50% since last year.

Out of that 50%, most of the Android apps used were games. This shows that there’s potential for Chromebooks to be used for serious gaming. This is why there’s a Steam alpha coming to the platform.

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