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SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2021 / Skysnag, the only fully autonomous email security authentication service, reported that it has blocked over one million threats since its launch in April of this year.

Skysnag protects organizations from email phishing attacks, authenticates sender identity and Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance (DMARC), and improves email deliverability. At its core, this guarantees that no one can impersonate an organization’s domain name or initiate phishing attacks. Skysnag also provides detailed reporting insight on any unauthorized email sending attempt.

Skysnag Founder & CEO Jad Aizarani highlights the importance of email authentication to secure an organization against unauthorized email senders and maintain high email deliverability and domain reputation. “Commonly requested DNS modifications while authenticating mail senders entice human error and attempting to enforce DMARC without proper visibility leads to the loss of authentic emails,” said Aizarani, while affirming the company’s mission to democratize cybersecurity.

Email spoofing is a technical process where an attacker impersonates an organization’s exact email address. It is the most dangerous form of email attack, as individuals cannot recognize the difference between spoofed emails and authentic ones; the technique can trick recipients into thinking the message came from a person or an organization they know and trust.

Today, it is more important than ever for enterprises to protect their email infrastructure. Approximately three billion spoofed emails get sent every day, noting that 86% of domain names remain vulnerable to impersonation attacks.
“Now, we can give security teams full visibility on who is using their domain name to send out emails without their authorization,” Aizarani said.

The ever-increasing email attacks and dependency on third-party senders to send emails on behalf of organizations means that organizations must authenticate their legitimate sources and instantly respond to threats without compromising their stakeholders’ privacy or other sensitive data. A startup that safeguards enterprises’ emails makes an attractive investment for VCs.

Skysnag has released a free tool on their website that allows organizations to check if their domain name is vulnerable to email impersonation attacks. Organizations should take this as a first step to safeguard their emails.

About Skysnag
Skysnag is an email security service dedicated to email impersonation and phishing detection. Skysnag provides domain and brand protection from unauthorized email senders and authenticates sender identity to deliver increasing email deliverability and domain reputation for its clients. Companies using Skysnag report a 100 percent blocking of unauthorized usage of their domain name and increased email deliverability and open rates.

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