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The Skyrider Sword in Genshin Impact can give players a burst of attack damage and is one of the few weapons in the game with a guaranteed source.

Genshin Impact has a surprising amount of depth when it comes to building the best team comp. The right characters with the best artifacts and weapons can develop surprising and fun synergies that will lay waste to enemies. The difficulty can often be getting those weapons to begin with and knowing who to use them with. The good news is that the Skyrider Sword, while also available through the Wish system, has a guaranteed source in the game if players know where to look.

To get the Skyrider Sword, players will need to visit a character called Pan Guan’er, who can be found sitting beneath a teal-colored pavilion to the east of Qingyun Peak in the Liyue region. Interacting with him will bring up three dialogue options. By selecting “You lost something?” players will begin a dialogue branch that results in Pan Guan’er giving them the Skyrider Sword. While in the area, players can also farm up some Liyue Specialities that will spawn here, killing two birds with one stone.

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The Skyrider Sword is a good option for people who are just starting to explore the Liyue region but sadly won’t offer much to players who have been exploring the world of Genshin Impact for a while. The Skyrider Sword has a low base ATK stat of just 38, but the secondary stat is an extra 11.3% Energy Recharge, making it useful for characters who wish to recoup energy to keep using their Element Burst ability. When equipped, the Skyrider Sword will also give a 12% increase to ATK and movement speed after using an Elemental Burst ability that lasts for 15 seconds. This sets up a nice synergy and can work well on characters like Bennet, Kaeya, or the Anemo Traveler, who will be looking to use their Elemental Burst the moment it comes off cooldown.

At refinement level 5, the weapon will give a 24% increase to ATK and movement speed, but will still be held back by the low base ATK stat compared to other weapons. The Skyrider Sword is a 3 Star weapon, so it will automatically lose out compared to 4 and 5 Star weapons. It is an okay option for main DPS characters in the early game and works well as a simple energy recharge buff weapon for characters who quickly cast their abilities, then get replaced by someone with a little more bite. It is a good idea for Genshin Impact players to familiarize themselves with the weapon tier list to ensure they are investing resources in the best possible weapons.

The Skyrider Sword is a fine option for the early game, but ideally, players will have been able to use their free Primogems to roll something better from the Wish system. While the Banner that drops weapons can often be ignored in favor of getting new characters, it is just as important to chase the 4 and 5 Star weapons that Genshin Impact has on offer.

Genshin Impact is available now on the App Store, Google Play, PC, and PS4, and is currently in development for PS5 and Switch.

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